Maryland Truck Accident Scenarios 

Collisions with other cars can be difficult enough, but the sheer size of trucks can increase the size and damage that can occur during a crash. There are many different Maryland truck accident scenarios that could lead to severe injuries for you. If you have been injured in a truck accident, it is important that you speak with a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer that could pursue a positive outcome for you.

Role of Intoxication in Accidents

Intoxication is very prevalent in Maryland truck accident scenarios, given that truck stops advertise beer, liquor, and wine. Truck drivers are stressed and are trying to take some of the edge off of their stress, but that leads to them creating a very unsafe condition by becoming intoxicated while they drive. The most frequently seen substances in intoxication cases are normally beer and liquor. However, truckers have also been known to drive under the influence of narcotics.

Blind Spot Accidents

Normally trucks have a long trailer attached to them, which could increase the blind spot that they would have, given the kind of side mirrors that are on the trucks. The most common location for blind spot accidents is on interstates and state highways.

Normally, the circumstances of a blind spot accident are that a truck driver is trying to change lanes in order either to get to an exit or to avoid a congestion, and he or she does not ensure that there is no one in the lane that they are changing into.

Common Effects of Blind Spot Truck Accidents

The most common effects of a blind spot truck accident are: car damages, which can be quite severe given the weight in the trailers or the truck itself. The truck weighs much more than the car and simple momentum would ensure that the car is going to be the one to receive the brunt of the damage.

Side Impact Collisions

One of the other Maryland truck accident scenarios that could occur is a t-bone accident, also known as a side impact collision. A side impact collision is one in which one car T-bones the other. This can be a situation in which a big rig or a commercial truck does not yield the right of way to the car and then T-bones that car in the intersection.

Common fact patterns are that these accidents normally occur at an intersection at which there is a yield or stop sign or a traffic light. The commercial trucks do not acknowledge right of way or do not yield the right of way to the car and then T-bone that car in the intersection.

Common Effects of Side Impact Collisions

Common effects in side-impact collisions are severe and prolonged injuries that could not be mitigated by airbags because commercial trucks are that big and that dangerous. The cars are normally totaled and people in the car normally have the severe substantial injuries. That is why T-bone collisions are very dangerous.

Steps Following a Side-Impact Collision

The first steps a person involved in T-bone accident should take are to make sure that they and their passengers are not in danger and that they have received immediate medical care. Once that immediate medical care is received and the persons involved in that accident are no longer in immediate medical danger, they should seek an attorney to handle their case.

Damages in T-Bone Accidents

A person involved in a side impact collision can recover both economic and non-economic damages, including any severe and debilitating physical and emotional injuries and diminished capacity for the enjoyment of their life as well substantial medical bills and related expenses to alleviate their injuries, pain and suffering, loss of employment opportunities, loss of wages, loss of time and enjoyment from their customary leisure and recreational activities, and, finally, impairment of their customary leisure and recreational activities.

Jackknife Accidents

A jackknife truck accident is one of the Maryland truck accident scenarios in which the trailer is no longer working properly and has gone perpendicular to the cab, which can create a significant and severe collision with any cars.

Scenarios That Lead to Jackknife Accidents

Maryland truck accident scenarios that lead to these kinds of accidents typically involve hazardous road conditions due to bad weather. The precautions that people can take to prevent trucks from jackknifing are to ensure that mechanical checks are done and to ensure that the drivers do not have fatigue. They should also ensure the drivers have the proper equipment for driving these heavy and dangerous vehicles in hazardous weather conditions. A jackknifed truck can impact many vehicles instead of just one.

A jackknifed truck, especially with a long trailer, can affect many more people. If the jackknife accident was not foreseeable, the driver of the truck and the company can still be liable for that person’s injuries. This is because they have a duty to ensure that they are operating this dangerous equipment safely in the public.

Implications of a DUI on a Truck Driver’s Future Employment

The implications of a DUI on a truck driver’s future employment are that they may not be allowed to drive for a certain amount of time. Their commercial license is either revoked or restricted in one state or in another. In Maryland, the license is restricted no matter where a driver received their DUI.

The location at which the DUI is issued impacts a driver’s CTL status in Maryland because Maryland has a regulation that no matter where a driver’s CTL license was revoked, it is also revoked in Maryland.

Value of a Maryland Truck Accident Attorney

Some of the benefits of working with an experienced Maryland truck accident lawyer when going through the legal process following Maryland truck accident scenarios are that the attorney may be knowledgeable and could work with you to get your claim resolved in the most efficient way possible and for the most money possible given the severity of the damages.