Maryland Bad Weather Truck Accident Lawyer

If you believe a trucking company or its driver caused an accident during bad weather conditions and you or a loved one were hurt, your truck accident lawyer in Maryland can help determine the responsible party.

Bad weather is sometimes inevitable, and with it comes dangerous driving conditions and an increase in traffic and truck accidents. But just because trucking companies and their drivers cannot help the weather does not mean they bear no responsibility for accidents that occur as a result. Trucking companies still have a duty to take steps to make sure their vehicles and drivers do not pose a risk to others sharing the roadway, even during the worst weather conditions.

Truck Accidents in Bad Weather Conditions

Bad weather accounts for about 1,311,970 crashes per year or 23 percent of all traffic crashes on average, according to the Road Weather Management Program.

Jackknifing and rollovers are causes of some of the most deadly large truck accidents, and both are more likely to occur during poor weather conditions. Wet and icy roads increase the odds of slipping and skidding on the roadways, and this can start a chain of events that ends with a jackknife, rollover or other type of dangerous truck accident.

Bad weather can also impair visibility for drivers and negatively affect vehicle performance, including the truck’s stability, traction, friction and maneuverability. Other factors that can also pose a danger include, but are not limited to:

  • Heavy winds
  • Fog
  • Flooding
  • Black ice
  • Road obstructions

Bad Weather Truck Accident Liability

If the weather conditions are poor enough, trucking companies should train drivers to evacuate the roadway altogether until conditions improve. Unfortunately, because taking a break from driving – even in dangerous conditions – can mean lost profits for trucking companies whose goods may not arrive at their destination as quickly, trucking companies sometimes encourage drivers to power through storms and other dangerous weather conditions. This can especially be the case when trucking companies are already facing significant profit losses due to weather-related delays.

Other times, a trucking company may have conflicting policies where drivers may be officially trained to pull off the road in bad weather, but in doing so may lose a benefit or incentive provided if they were to make the delivery in a shorter amount of time. Your Maryland bad weather truck accident lawyer can determine whether the company’s actions or training practices constituted negligence or recklessness.

Trucking companies also have a responsibility to make sure their trucks are in safe driving condition, regardless of how bad the weather may be.

Consult an Experienced Maryland Bad Weather Truck Accident Lawyer

Your Maryland bad weather truck accident attorney can investigate the trucking company’s policies and practices to assess whether they may have contributed to your accident and injuries. Your bad weather truck accident lawyer in Maryland can also look into whether the vehicle that caused  your accident was in good working condition and up-to-date with inspections, repairs and quality standards, as well as whether the truck driver acted in accordance with legal and industry requirements for driving during adverse conditions.

For instance, your Maryland bad weather truck accident lawyer may discover that while a truck driver may not have exceeded the speed limit, he may still have been going faster than is safe under the weather conditions.

Only an experienced Maryland bad weather truck accident lawyer can look out for your best interest when pursuing compensation for your injuries caused by the negligent or reckless actions of a trucking company or one of its drivers during poor weather.