Maryland Truck Accidents Involving Bad Weather

The state does its best to ensure that Maryland roads are well maintained and not susceptible to any sort of infrastructure damage which can be exacerbated by bad weather conditions. However, because Maryland truck accidents involving bad weather can still occur, it could be critical to discuss prevention and claim options with an attorney.

Practiced tractor-trailer crash lawyers can use the report from law enforcement officers to show that the weather conditions created unsafe conditions and that the truck driver did not take specific mitigating steps to ensure that they were not a danger to people on the road given the hazardous weather conditions.

How Truck Accidents Involving Bad Weather Occur

Given that trucks are very dangerous because of their size and the speed at which they are traveling, poor weather conditions can amplify the danger of the trucks being in the road with normal cars.

If the driver sees another car hydroplaning in front of them or feel themselves slipping and sliding, if they bad visibility due to fog or they feel like they are losing control of their vehicle, these should be warning signs to the driver that there is a high potential of Maryland truck accidents involving bad weather.

Steps to Follow After an Injury from Driving in Bad Weather

The initial step a person should take is to ensure that law enforcement officers document the conditions, whether there is ice, flooding, wind, or hail.

The police report will say that those conditions were present to ensure that a truck collision attorney would be able to bring a claim against the state or local government or against the defendant driver.

Types of Recoverable Damages One Can Seek

After being injured in a collision, individuals can recover damages depending on the details of their case. A person can be able to recover both economic and non-economic damages for the following:

  • Severe debilitating physical and emotional injuries
  • Diminished capacity for the enjoyment of life
  • Substantial medical bills
  • Related expenses to alleviate their injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of employment opportunity
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of time and enjoyment
  • Impairment of their customary leisure and recreational activities

Steps to Help Protect from Weather-Related Accidents

In order to protect from potential Maryland truck accidents involving bad weather, a  person can ensure that they have the right equipment to deal with the weather. If there is snow or ice, a person can change their snow tires. If there are foggy conditions, the driver can ensure that the vehicle is equipped with high beams to breach the fog and can drive cautiously when there are hazardous weather conditions. Driving cautiously is one of the best protections a person can provide themselves.