Maryland Truck Accident FAQs

How is a trucking accident in Maryland different from an accident involving cars?

There are several differences between accidents involving trucks and accidents involving only passenger vehicles. First, in a trucking accident, the risk for serious injuries and damage increases significantly due to the size and weight of trucks. Second, the commercial vehicle’s insurance company digs more deeply into the facts and seeks out more evidence. Dealing with the commercial vehicle’s insurance company can be more difficult and more time-consuming. Third, insurance coverage requirements are different for commercial trucks than they are for cars. Maryland requires cars to have minimum insurance coverage $30,000 coverage for bodily injury to one person, $60,000 coverage for bodily injury to two or more people, and $15,000 coverage for property damage. Trucking limits are much higher. The minimum limit for general carrier commercial vehicles is $750,000, although efforts have been instituted to have those limits increased. The drastic difference in minimum limits can be explained by the fact that the danger of serious injuries is so much higher when an accident involves a commercial vehicle. It also explains why the insurance company will usually perform a more thorough investigation into the accident.

What are the first steps I should take after being injured in a Maryland trucking accident?

The first thing to do is to seek out any medical treatment needed. Injuries can be serious, even if they do not seem to be initially. Following your accident, you should go to the hospital to be evaluated by a doctor or medical professional. Next, contact an experienced Maryland truck accident attorney to discuss the circumstances of your case and seek counsel for what your options are and how you should proceed. Finally, your attorney will contact the commercial vehicle’s insurance carrier to make sure that a claim has been filed in order to receive compensation for your injuries and damage to your vehicle.

What information do I need to collect after a truck accident in Maryland?

You will need to collect the insurance information for the commercial vehicle in order to file your claim. You will need the name of the insurance company, the phone number for the insurance company, the policy number, the name of the driver and the name of the company the driver works for.

How do I receive compensation for trucking accident?

The insurance company may compensate you for your medical bills, property damage, time lost from work and pain and suffering.  Hiring an attorney who has experience with claims against commercial carriers will ensure that you receive all the compensation that you deserve. Your attorney can compile all of your bills and records and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

If you have additional questions about a Maryland trucking accident, please contact our office to speak with one of our attorneys. We can handle your claim, communicate with the insurance company, and make sure your interests are protected so you don’t have to worry.