Florida Drug Lawyer

There are so many aspects of being accused of a drug crime that can make it feel overwhelming. On top of that, drug laws, both state and federal, can be confusing. The first step when facing a drug charge is to understand the crime you are being charged with and the penalties that could be imposed. This can be complicated as drug laws differ based on the kind of drug and the circumstances around its possession. Also, many states have their own laws concerning punishment, which can make finding information difficult and confusing. It can be easy for an inexperienced individual to miss key details in Florida’s drug trafficking laws. A Florida drug lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the law and the court system could be essential in obtaining the best possible outcome for your case. It may be in your best interest to enlist the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are facing a drug-related charge.

Florida Drug Trafficking Laws Have Special Details Based on Circumstances

Florida drug charges and penalties are based on what the state and federal authorities called schedules. Schedules are based on specific kinds of drugs, with the more potent and addictive ones being ranked higher on the schedules than others. Penalties are also based on the schedule of a drug as well as the amount of drug at the time of possession. Prior convictions can also heavily influence the penalty given. All drug charges except for small amounts of marijuana are felonies, punishable by up to 30 years in prison and fines up to $10,000. 

There are also federal laws concerning drugs that may be involved in a drug charge. Federal crimes are tried in federal courts, which are different from state courts in important ways. This can include rules for evidence and timing of responses to documents and pleadings. A well-practiced Florida drug attorney could help explain what laws apply to a specific case during an initial consultation.

Building a Defense Depends on Collecting the Right Facts at the Right Time

Many people may struggle with how to build a defense against a drug charge. They may not know what to collect, from whom, or when. It can be difficult to know which parts of the less definite aspects of the law on which to focus. Also, some witnesses’ willingness to cooperate may be affected by the stigma of a drug charge. Criminal defendants may feel frustrated because it is hard to know how to expedite requests for information, and an eyewitness’s memories can fade.  

A seasoned lawyer in Florida can rely on their background to help those charged with a drug crime and help them create a defense plan by knowing where to focus an investigation for key facts and witness statements. Hiring an attorney before an arrest can help someone about to be charged with a drug crime by using their relationships with the police and prosecutors to protect their client during the arrest process. 

A Florida Drug Attorney Can Help You Advocate for Your Rights

The risk of trying to handle a drug charge by yourself is often too high to do alone. Defending a drug charge requires knowing what facts and statements to collect and preserving those key elements in time. The consequences of losing can be stressful and impact future job prospects. A Florida drug lawyer could use their expertise to help aid your defense efforts. They could help you present the facts in court and aggressively advocate for your rights. Call today to schedule a case consultation with a dedicated Florida drug defense lawyer.