Insurance Coverage In Maryland Truck Accident Cases

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Maryland then the following is what you need to know regarding insurance coverage and how it can impact your injury case. To learn more call and schedule a consultation with a Maryland truck accident lawyer today.

Insurance Coverage Truck Companies Typically Have

They have commercial insurance policies and they have different insurance policies as they’re driving across different states or traveling interstate. Typically their insurance policies are very high due to their potential exposure to cause severe and catastrophic damage. So whereas a  regular driver driving a personal automobile must have minimum insurance coverage of $30,000 for a trucking company that could cause potentially millions of dollars in damages. Almost all trucks exclusively have between $500,000 and a million dollars in coverage.

How Does Separate Ownership of Tractor and Trailer Impact an Accident Case?

The tractor and the trailer of a truck very well could be owned by different entities and they could also be owned by the same people.  If they are owned by different people, then that would just add another defendant to be potentially responsible for the trucking collision keeping in mind that you would need to show that something that individual did was wrong negligent or violated a federal state or local ordinance, rule, regulation or statute.

If there are different entities responsible you have to prove that they separately performed negligent actions that proximately caused the trucking accident. If you have different entities that own different portions of the truck and the tractor trailer then you can bring a cause of action against each of those individual defendants if you can prove that they were liable for causing or having something to do with the accident.

Bobtail Coverage

Bobtail will be the same thing. If there’s a bob tail truck involved then you would have to prove that the bobtail and any violations of owning, driving or operating the bobtail or responsible for the accident and then if you can prove that then you can bring a case against the different owners.

How An Experienced Attorney Can Help With Insurance

The insurance company’s first reaction is to say that they’re not responsible for anything until you prove something against them. If there are  several different insurance companies involved, such as where there is an insurance company for the truck driver and a different one for a truck owner all of them have different insurance companies, they’ll all want to talk to the person that was injured and try to get statements from them and try to  shape the potential testimony of the recorded statement against someone else other than their respective clients.

an attorney can prevent that from happening and prevent them from taking advantage of the person by preventing them from giving a statement and by helping the individual answer the questions that are being asked if he or she is compelled to have a statement taken. An attorney can help an individual identify the proper entities who may or may not be responsible for the motor vehicle collision. The attorney will also be able to identify what rules, regulations or statutes were violated and how to gather evidence of those violations.

Insurance Coverage In Maryland Truck Accident Cases