Tow Truck Accidents in Maryland

A tow truck is a welcome sight when your car breaks down on a Maryland highway. These large vehicles crisscross the state’s roads to assist distressed motorists, and their operators are generally safe drivers. Still, these drivers sometimes cause accidents.

You should be aware of all vehicles on the road with you. A crash with another car can be frustrating; a collision with a tow truck weighing 20 tons can be devastating. If you are hurt in any tow truck accidents in Maryland, let our team of truck crash attorneys fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Maryland Tow Truck Accidents

Tow truck drivers often work in inclement weather and at all hours. Many drivers patrol the roadways looking for broken-down vehicles or ride around while waiting to be directed to a nearby accident where their assistance is needed. Long and tedious hours often contribute to driver fatigue, which leads to collisions. Other common causes of tow truck accidents in Maryland include:

  • No functioning brake lights on the vehicle
  • Drivers drinking alcohol or taking drugs while driving
  • Drivers who are distracted visually, cognitively, and manually
  • Poor maintenance that causes systems to fail and tires to blow
  • Careless driving, including speeding, tailgating, weaving, and going too fast for weather conditions

One accident unique to tow trucks occurs when the driver does not secure the disabled vehicle while loading it onto the tow truck. If the disabled vehicle comes loose on the highway, it could cause other motorists to collide with it or lose control while trying to avoid a collision. Schedule a consultation with a Maryland tow truck accident lawyer to discuss the circumstances that led to a particular accident.

Negligence and Tow Truck Wrecks

Someone is typically at-fault in vehicular accidents, usually due to negligence. Negligent traffic collisions occur when one party fails to behave reasonably, harming someone else.

Tow truck crashes can cause serious damage, leaving those injured struggling to pay medical expenses and scrambling to replace lost wages. Fortunately, injured parties may have a right to seek financial recovery through a personal injury claim. Because tow truck accidents in Maryland can be more physically damaging than altercations with smaller vehicles, compensation for emotional suffering may also be available.

Contributory Negligence

Every state considers a plaintiff’s negligence when determining who caused a tow truck crash. In Maryland, no compensation will be awarded if a plaintiff is found even one percent responsible for an accident. This doctrine is known as contributory negligence. Our seasoned legal professionals can work to prove the defendant is fully to blame for the collision.

A Maryland Tow Truck Accident Attorney is Your Advocate

Tow truck drivers provide a needed service rescuing stranded drivers and assisting with road accident cleanups. Some of them even plow snow. Unfortunately, because of human error, negligence, or carelessness, they can also cause catastrophic accidents in which other motorists are severely injured.

Our dedicated attorneys advocate for those injured in tow truck accidents in Maryland. Contact us today to get started on your case.