Maryland Truck Accidents Involving Cell Phones

Maryland law states that if a person is going to use a cell phone while he or she is driving, the driver must use a hands-free device. A person cannot text, talk, or look at social media on their phone while driving. Maryland explicitly prohibits anyone from using their phone with their hand and specifically regulates that the person must be using a hands-free device.

The reason for banning cell phone use while driving is because cell phone use can distract drivers, making them more likely to get into accidents. Maryland truck accidents involving cell phones can result in serious injuries and property damage. If you have been injured in a car accident, consult a qualified truck accident lawyer that could advocate for you.

Commonness of Cell Phone Truck Accidents

Maryland truck accidents involving cell phones happen often. Not only are people looking at the navigation on their phones now, which is quite a normal use, but millennials are using their phone to text, to look at social media or respond via social media, and to look at other applications on their phone while they are driving. Distracted driving can have serious implications for both the driver and any other parties involved. By driving while using a cell phone, an individual risks both criminal and civil consequences.

How Cell Phone Can Impact the Claim

If the defendant is using their cell phone at the time of the accident, the plaintiff should let a law enforcement officer know that the defendant was using a cell phone so the law enforcement officer can document that the defendant was distracted at the time of the collision. That would make it easier for a Maryland attorney to bring this claim against the defendant and to get a quick and substantial recovery for the plaintiff.

Contributory Negligence

If the use of a cell phone is documented by the investigating law enforcement officer and that person is deemed to be at fault because they were a distracted driver, that could bar a plaintiff from receiving any sort of damages for a claim they would want to bring against another driver. Because Maryland is a contributory law state, there could be a complete bar for the plaintiff if they were found to be in any way at fault, even 1% at fault, for their accident.

Evidence in Cell Phone Truck Accident Cases

Evidence that would need to be obtained in Maryland truck accidents involving cell phones cases would include the police report that stated that the truck driver was at fault, as well as an affidavit from witnesses who saw the truck driver using their cell phone before the terrible collision occurred.

Value of a Maryland Truck Accident Attorney

People should know that these cases are complex and that complexity requires the skills of an experienced attorney. A victim of these wrecks needs an attorney, who has handled a great number of Maryland truck accidents involving cell phones cases and is very familiar with the process of getting a person a quick claim settlement. Most companies are willing to settle, but they are not willing to settle with a lawyer, who is inexperienced. An accomplished attorney could ensure that a victim is expertly represented and could work towards a positive resolution for them.