Florida Gun Lawyer

While many individuals may think that they can handle their gun charge cases alone, they could miss important details vital to their case and misunderstand their charges from their lack of experience with the criminal justice system. A gun charge conviction can have serious consequences and lifetime ramifications. A conviction is a permanent record that can heavily impact your employment options. In some cases, gun charges can even carry mandatory minimum sentences. 

The first step when facing such a charge is to understand this crime and the penalties that could be imposed based on the circumstances involved. A Florida gun lawyer could help those charged defend their rights and find the best resolution for their charges. Reach out today to speak with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney.

Some Gun Charges Are Based on Important Factual Circumstances

Weapons charges that violate a statute that restricts ownership in Florida are felonies. Under the law, specific groups of individuals can be charged with a gun crime for solely possessing a firearm. Those groups include:

  • People under the age of 21
  • People who have been found to “chronically or habitually” abuse drugs or alcohol
  • People who have been admitted to a treatment facility or a mental institution

Certain crimes and court orders prohibit the possession of a firearm. Felonies in Florida carry serious penalties, such as jail time and hefty fines. 

Other gun charges can include how a weapon is used, such as while committing a crime or firing a gun into a car. The penalties for these charges can increase based on their certain circumstances. For example, if a vehicle is occupied or whether the shooter fired maliciously into a building.

Additionally, some weapons charges can involve the licensing of a gun even by those permitted to own them. Carrying an unlicensed firearm is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and up to one year in prison. Concealing an unlicensed firearm carries even stiffer fines, up to $5,000, and five years in prison. Selling a gun without the proper requirements can have harsh sentences as well. 

Timing Is Critical in Collecting the Facts to Build a Defense

Many people find that when they try to gather the information they need to defend themselves in court, they run into two problems. Primarily they can struggle with collecting it. The mere stigma of their arrest interferes with some witness’s willingness to cooperate with them or they may not be able to investigate the conduct of the arresting police officers to determine if procedural requirements were met. Criminal defendants can also struggle with eyewitness memories and important records that can fade over time. 

Secondly, they may not know what facts or details they need to collect. Since time is of the essence, it can be hard to know where to focus or how to expedite requests for information. A skilled Flordia attorney can use their experience defending criminal gun cases to create a strong defense plan. Gun charge lawyers also have the experience of knowing where to focus their investigation to seek additional defenses and corroborating statements. Hiring a well-practiced attorney before an arrest is filed can help protect an individual during the arrest and arraignment process through the attorney’s relationships with the police and prosecutors. 

A Florida Gun Attorney Could Help You Build a Strong Defense

An arrest for a gun charge can be overwhelming. It can feel like the options you have for defending yourself are limited. Considering the consequences of losing can be stressful. Beyond fines and imprisonment, a gun conviction will be a matter of public record, found on an easy search by a future employer. The risk of trying to handle your gun charge alone can have consequences you may not realize. 

A Florida gun lawyer is prepared to fight for your rights. Contact the Platinum Criminal Defense Law Firm today to get a diligent legal professional on your side.