Parties Involved in Maryland Truck Accidents

In addition to the driver themselves and the trucking company, there are a variety of other parties that may also be liable for damages in a truck accident. Below is information on some of these parties and under what circumstances they may be liable for damages. For more specific information on who may be liable on your case, call and schedule a consultation with a Maryland truck accident lawyer today.

Safety Compliance Companies

Safety compliance companies can be involved if there is not a proper safety compliance plan in place. For example, if they approve a truck that shouldn’t have been approved for safety or there’s no plan involved for the safety of the truck or any of the cargo companies who load the truck. With that said, the main defendants are typically still going to be the driver, the owner, anyone loading or the company who owns the truck or carrier, however, if they have a safety compliance, company that they hired overseas or operations then those safety compliance companies don’t do their job and you’re able to prove it they may be liable as well.

This is most likely to happen when a company authorizes the truck to be on the road that shouldn’t have been on the road because they didn’t follow their own procedures or the state local and federal regulations or procedures. In this case, you could potentially bring a claim against them for failing to properly and timely do their safety compliance and due diligence.

Parties Related To The Truck’s Cargo

They can be if they’ve have violated any federal, state or local regulations, rules, codes or statutes this party may be liable as well. Some examples could be if they have not properly balanced the cargo in the truck, have loaded the truck with too much weight, have not properly secured the truck.

Insurance Companies

The insurance company would be the one to initially investigate the claim on behalf of their insured and the driver can have a different insurance company than the employer, than the owner. So there could be several insurance companies who seem to point a finger at another one in order that their insurance policy doesn’t get exposed.

The attorneys deal with the insurance companies first and then if they can’t settle amicably or get a resolution that’s favorable to the client, then they could bring a lawsuit and then the defense attorneys get involved.

Maintance and Repair Companies

Most likely no. Those would be the furthest reaching entities in these sorts of cases. Depending on what they’ve done to the truck if they’ve improperly maintained it and then they just rubberstamp their work order and not done their repairs and they could potentially be involved if those repairs or the repairs were purportedly to be done, were not done properly or with workman like manner they could be potentially liable for a trucking accident. But those are rare occasions.