Maryland Truck Accident Settlements 

Following an 18-wheeler collision, you typically have two options. You can either settle out of court or litigate the case. There are benefits and drawbacks to Maryland truck accident settlements. On the one hand, if you settle then you will not have to expend energy on litigation. On the other hand, you might get a settlement amount that seems unfair. A qualified truck accident lawyer could help you decide which option works best for you.

Who Decides to Settle in Truck Crash Cases?

Both parties in a truck accident have to decide to settle rather than go to trial. The person on each side may decide not to take their attorney’s advice and to settle, perhaps in order to get some recovery as soon as possible or to avoid the elongated process of a trial that could take up to a year. People also may settle because their attorney deems a settlement a good and fair estimate and does not have to worry about a jury deciding against them, either in deciding fault or the amount of recovery.

Reasons to Settle

There are two reasons someone may pursue Maryland truck accident settlements rather than go to trial. First, the case could be settled more quickly than going through what could be a year-long process or they see a settlement as a written document showing that the matter is over. Second, a jury can find for the at-fault driver for many reasons regardless of the fairness or unfairness of the jury’s decision.

Issues That May Delay a Settlement

One issue that may delay someone receiving a settlement is the need for negotiation. Settlements need to be argued on both sides in negotiations between their attorney and the insurance company. That advocacy takes time but it usually is in the best interest of the individual because the company will want to reduce its financial exposure to as little as possible.

Steps to Ensure That a Settlement Arrives in a Timely Manner

People can help ensure they receive their Maryland truck accident settlements in a timely manner by documenting their medical treatment to provide to their attorney and:

  • Any information they have concerning the truck driver
  • The insurance information of the driver’s company
  • How the accident happened
  • The police report
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Pictures from the date of accident

That information will allow an attorney to expedite recovery in a timely manner.

Reasons to Refuse a Settlement Offer

In Maryland, a person may settle a truck accident at any time before a jury’s verdict. The options are virtually limitless, so an attorney has a chance to settle a claim at any time before a verdict when it appears to be the right time to do so to limit liability or gain maximum recovery.

Someone may feel certain they should refuse a settlement offer and choose to go to trial because the other insurance company is not willing to reach what the person considers a reasonable settlement. The person may feel the damages are not the fair market value of what they have lost. Going to trial before a jury of one’s peers could give the person a better chance of making a case for reasonable damages.

Information to Keep in Mind About Settlements

People should be aware that settling their claim is ultimately their decision to make. An attorney may provide the best advice possible and advocate for them as fiercely as they can, but at the end, it is the accident victim’s decision. Truck accident attorneys help because they are able to piece together the information to get the full picture. With adequate information, attorneys are able to build the best possible case for the individual. A lawyer could help someone decide if Maryland truck accident settlements are the best option or not.

What to Bring Along to an Initial Consultation

It is important that someone involved in a truck accident brings information like police reports, medical records and bills, pictures, and any other accident related information. If a person has had trouble getting that information, that also may be useful to the attorney, especially information from the officer who was on the scene and conducted the accident reconstruction. That helps the attorney build their case and get the best settlement for the individual.

Benefit of a Maryland Truck Accident Attorney

Maryland truck-accident attorneys are a benefit to people looking to settle a truck accident suit because they can understand the maximum settlement a person needs. The attorney understands how to piece together the facts of the accident, the medical coverage, and the medical bills to ensure that the settlement covers the expenses the person has incurred and the proper amount of pain and suffering that the accident victims deserve to be compensated for. If you want to know more about Maryland truck accident settlements, speak with a skilled attorney today.

Maryland Truck Accident Settlements