Liability For Truck Companies in Maryland

A trucking company who hires a person to drive the truck will be responsible under the theory of Respondeat Superior which is the theory that you blame the employer for the acts of the employee who commits an act of wrongdoing in the course of their employment.

Injured in an accident involving a truck in Maryland? If so the following is what you should know regarding the liability of trucking companies. This includes what needs to be proven in a truck injury case and the statue of limitations for such cases. To discuss your case and how to proceed with filing a claim call and schedule a free consultation with a Maryland truck accident injury lawyer today.

Responsibilities of a Trucking Company

Well they have the duty to make sure that their drivers are well trained, are well rested, and that the drivers inspect vehicles.

Trucking companies teach their drivers how to inspect their vehicles, that the inspections of the vehicles are documented with each run of the truck. They are responsible to maintain and inspect the truck from any damage or wear and tear or anything that needs to be repaired in the truck.

What Do You Need to Prove in Truck Accident Cases?

You need to prove that the truck driver did not operate his vehicle to a reasonable standard of a truck driver. The negligence of operation in a reasonable personal standard for a truck driver you have to show that the reasonable truck driver wouldn’t have acted in the way that they acted in order to cause the accident.

To prove negligence you will have to show that the person operating a truck did not follow the standard duties and practices of a reasonable truck driver in the same or similar situation.

Proving Vicarious Liability

Vicarious Liability will hold the employer responsible for the acts of the employee. So here you need to show that the employer didn’t train or instruct the person who caused the accident how to operate the truck. You will also need to show that the person driving the truck was in the scope of his/her employment when he caused the accident and that the accident was the cause of any injury you sustained.

Statute of Limitations on Maryland Truck Accidents

Statute limitation is 3 years from the day of the accident so if a person does not file complaint or resolve their case in full by that time then their case will be dismissed or found to meet the statute of limitations.

Benefits of an Attorney in a Motorcycle Accident Case

Someone should contact an attorney as soon as possible after they are involved in an accident so that the attorney can guide them through the steps of handling their case and making sure that everything is documented in order to present their case in the best way possible and also settle as quickly as possible.

An attorney can help them help an individual document their injuries and document the liability of their case. They can help them to establish who is at fault and help them establish that they were not at fault or free from fault in order to pursue their claim on negligence against the truck driver.

Liability For Truck Companies in Maryland