Upper Marlboro Bus Accident Lawyer

Given how many passengers the average bus carries each day, it makes sense that the people who operate these vehicles have an especially important duty to follow traffic laws and act responsibly at all times. While most bus drivers fulfill this duty without any issues, those who cause traffic accidents have the potential to seriously injure multiple people at once.

Filing suit over a bus wreck can be complicated depending on the entity that owns or operates the bus in question, as a seasoned personal injury attorney can explain. With help from a qualified Upper Marlboro bus accident lawyer, though, you can effectively prove liability for your injuries and seek fair compensation for your damages.

Establishing Liability for a Bus Crash

Just like every other driver, people who operate commercial or public buses have a duty of care to the various other people sharing the road with them. A person may be considered legally negligent, and therefore liable to pay for damages, if they breach their duty of care, and as a direct consequence of doing so, cause an accident that leads to at least one other person suffering compensable losses.

There are many ways in which a bus driver can act negligently behind the wheel, from illegal acts like speeding and texting while driving, to irresponsible actions like failing to focus completely on the road. In certain situations, though, the company or entity that employs such a driver may instead be vicariously liable for that driver’s negligence, or directly liable for negligent hiring practices.

Sometimes, liability may not lie with a bus driver or their employer at all, but instead with some third party like a mechanic who failed to perform proper maintenance on a bus, or another driver whose reckless operation of their own vehicle forced a bus driver to crash. A seasoned Upper Marlboro attorney can play a crucial role in identifying who is really to blame for a bus accident and taking legal action accordingly.

Special Rules for Lawsuits Against the Government

The civil litigation process following a bus accident has a few extra steps if the defendant in a claim is the Maryland Transit Administration. In order to ensure a claim remains valid, a person injured in an accident involving an MTA bus must send a claim letter to the Administration no later than one year following the date of the incident. As per Maryland Code, Transportation §7-702, this letter must include personal information about the claimant, details about the accident and subsequent injuries, and a demand for compensation based on specifically listed damages.

The MTA will investigate all submitted claims and may potentially make a settlement offer, but it often takes several months or even years for this process to conclude. Since the standard three-year statutory deadline for personal injury lawsuits set by Maryland Code, Courts and Judicial Proceedings §5-101 still applies after a claim is submitted to the MTA, it is often wise to retain a bus wreck lawyer in Upper Marlboro as soon as possible and formally file suit before the three-year deadline expires.

An Upper Marlboro Bus Accident Attorney Could Help

Bus crashes can make for complex civil cases in many respects, especially if multiple people get hurt in the same incident. Skilled legal representation can be essential if you want to get through this process efficiently and maximize available compensation in your case.

Assistance from an Upper Marlboro bus accident lawyer can make a world of difference in how your case plays out. Learn more about your legal options by calling today!