Virginia Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

In just seconds, the life of an individual can be changed forever. An individual who experiences a catastrophic injury may segment their life into parts: before and after their accident. It is incredibly crucial that if you find yourself in this situation, you contact an experienced NoVa attorney to help you gain justice for any wrongdoing and negligence on the part of another.


It is difficult to fully restore the life an individual had before their accident, but a Virginia catastrophic injury lawyer can help you reach financial security, and prepare the best possible defense to help you receive any compensation you deserve.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries can vary widely, but they all involve permanent disability and can subject the victim and their family to serious financial setbacks due to extensive medical bills. The following are a few examples:

Victims of traumatic injuries may never work again and usually require extensive, or life-long medical treatment. These injuries are often not the victim’s fault but result from factors beyond their control.

Common causes of these injuries include:

For those who have succumbed to their injuries, families may initiate a wrongful death suit. A Virginia catastrophic injury attorney can determine the best course of action per each particular case.

What is Paralysis?

Paralysis is a common effect of a catastrophic injury. An individual should immediately have a loved one contact an experienced attorney if they have suffered a paralysis-related accident that is no fault of their own. The tragic events for paralysis accidents are often both difficult to understand and communicate. It is important to have an experienced attorney as well as loved ones on the side of the affected individual.

There are many types of paralysis, but the most common are temporary and permanent paralysis. Temporary paralysis lasts for a short duration of time, and permanent paralysis is indefinite. There is also partial paralysis, paraplegia, quadriplegia, and a variety of other maladies that may affect the person during a paralysis injury.

A NoVa catastrophic injury lawyer is going to work hard to try to establish liability in the case. This is going to include gathering evidence and determining causation, among other procedures, to help them better understand how the affected individual came to be paralyzed, and whether those injuries were their fault or not.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Catastrophic Injury Claims? 

Under Virginia Code 8.01-243, a person injured in a traumatic accident must generally file a claim within two years of the injury date. If the injury resulted in death, the appropriate party must file a claim within two years of the death date.

An exception in this statute of limitations generally occurs in medical malpractice suits after the discovery of a foreign object in a patient’s body following a medical procedure. Such a discovery may extend for one year after the object is found, not the date of the procedure. In this context, the general two-year statute of limitations is extended by a limited “discovery rule.”

Benefits of a Lawyer

A NoVa catastrophic injury lawyer aggressively fights to provide financially beneficial results, while treating the client with compassion. Attorneys know how scared victims of a terrible accident and their families can be, and they work to provide their clients with the best possible outcome.

Also taken into account are the victim’s medical and rehabilitation costs, lost income and other accident-related expenses, along with pain and suffering. An attorney can guide clients through the process of claiming disability and other benefits. While most cases are settled, an attorney will pursue a trial if necessary.

If an individual or their loved ones have suffered a severe injury, it is pertinent to contact a Virginia catastrophic injury lawyer. Our law firm offers free consultations. An attorney will evaluate any case and advise their client of any possible options going forward. No fees are paid until a settlement is reached. The assistance of an injury attorney is invaluable and could save an individual and their loved ones incredible amounts of time and money.