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Every time a drug manufacturer releases a new medication into the market, they make an implicit promise to consumers that their product is safe to use as intended and does not have any dangerous undisclosed side effects or contraindications. When a pharmaceutical product is not safe in this way, it can end up causing significant harm to hundreds or even thousands of people before a recall is issued, if one is ever issued at all.

Fortunately, you could take legal action against companies who sold you dangerous or defective medications with help from a qualified personal injury attorney. An Upper Marlboro dangerous drugs lawyer can work tirelessly to prove a defendant drug company liable for the harm you experienced and seek fair restitution for all your ensuing losses.

The Duty of Care Pharmaceutical Companies Owe Customers

A drug not having its intended effect or producing an undesired side effect does not automatically give rise to a civil claim. Furthermore, drug companies are not required to warn patients or doctors about every side effect their medication might have. In the eyes of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), requiring that they do so would place an unfair burden on companies producing critically important, but inherently unpredictable products.

However, under current FDA regulations, drug manufacturers must put a warning label on a product’s packaging if they know that it is potentially dangerous even when used as directed, and the danger would not be immediately obvious to consumers or prescribing physicians. Likewise, they must perform due diligence in researching the drug’s interactions and potential dangers, and must notify the FDA of their findings prior to putting the product out into the market.

If a drug manufacturer fails to provide such a warning label or knowingly hides information about dangerous side effects from the FDA or the general public, the company may be civilly liable for the resulting harm. An Upper Marlboro dangerous drugs attorney can discuss a potential plaintiff’s circumstances to determine if they may have grounds for a case.

Filing Suit Over a Dangerous or Defective Drug

It can be challenging for a single victim of a dangerous drug to secure fair compensation from a massive pharmaceutical company. Drug manufacturers and their insurers may pressure injured consumers into dropping their cases or accepting a low settlement offer, and they have enough funding and legal representation at their disposal to make winning a court trial against them virtually impossible without professional assistance.

However, an experienced defective drug lawyer in Upper Marlboro can help even the odds significantly by relentlessly pursuing fair compensation on behalf of the victim. Whether it is through private settlement negotiations, an independent civil case, or through a mass tort claim alongside dozens of other victims, seasoned legal counsel can demand a fair outcome in or out of court.

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Going up against a massive pharmaceutical company in a legal battle may seem like an impossible task and trying to fight a corporation alone can be daunting. Fortunately, an Upper Marlboro dangerous drugs lawyer is available to help you through every stage of your case, from the initial filing to the final verdict or settlement offer.

Retaining skilled legal counsel should be your first priority if you want to seek fair compensation for the harm a defective medication caused you. Get in touch today to learn more!