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Regardless of its size, when a domesticated dog feels threatened in any way or believes that someone else is intruding on their territory, the animal can cause serious injuries that may result in long-lasting harm. Bites from smaller dogs may lead to potentially life-threatening infections, and larger dogs often have strong enough jaws to tear through muscle tissue and cause bone fractures.

When someone else’s dog causes you to sustain serious injury, you should strongly consider discussing your circumstances with a seasoned Upper Marlboro dog bite lawyer. Your specific options for pursuing financial recovery may vary depending on how and where your encounter with a dangerous dog took place. A capable personal injury attorney’s support could be vital to effectively enforcing your rights in your unique circumstances.

When Are Dog Owners Liable for Bites?

Maryland state law only holds dog owners strictly liable for injuries their pet causes to other people under certain circumstances. Specifically, Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings § 3-1901 establishes strict liability for dog bites in scenarios where a dog attacks or injures another person while “running at large.” This means it has escaped its owner’s control and is away from its owner’s property.

In other situations, individuals injured by dog bites must pursue civil compensation by attempting to prove that negligence by the dog’s owner was the direct and primary cause of their attack and injuries. Failure to take reasonable care in restraining and preventing a pet from harming someone is an especially common foundation for dog bite litigation based on negligence.

Importantly, dog owners are likely not liable for injuries sustained by people who were bitten while trespassing, committing or attempting to commit any crime on that owner’s property, or abusing or otherwise provoking the dog which attacked them. An Upper Marlboro dog attack attorney could review an injured party’s circumstances during a confidential consultation and offer guidance about what grounds they may have for civil recovery.

Time Limits for Comprehensive Recovery After a Dog Bite

A person who can establish a dog owner’s strict liability or liability based on negligence for a bite injury may demand compensation from that owner for economic and non-economic losses their ensuing injuries have caused. However, as per MD Code, C&JP § 3-2A-09, a cap of $905,000—as of 2021, with increases of $15,000 for inflation each subsequent year—applies to recovery for non-economic forms of harm like physical pain and long-term psychological trauma.

Furthermore, MD Code, C&JP § 5-101 grants most prospective plaintiffs three years after sustaining an injury to begin the litigation process, or they will almost always permanently lose the right to seek compensation for that particular incident. Assistance from a dog bite attorney in Upper Marlboro could be crucial to understanding and navigating procedural hurdles like these.

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Dog attacks can cause severe harm to anyone, with children and elderly adults being especially susceptible to life-altering consequences. Regardless of what circumstances your injuries occurred under, support from experienced legal counsel could make all the difference in your ability to proactively pursue compensation from a negligent dog owner.

An Upper Marlboro dog bite lawyer could provide custom-tailored support throughout each stage of your legal proceedings. Reach out today to learn more.