Upper Marlboro Metro Accident Attorney

If you live in Upper Marlboro or visit the Washington, DC area, chances are that you will wind up riding the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). At present, more than  400,000 trips are made on this bus system each weekday. Those who are not heading to work or school often use it to sight-see or simply run errands.

As one of the key transit systems serving our nation’s capital in the DC area, the Metro is now the “sixth busiest bus agency in the United States,” with 1,500 buses traversing 325 routes. Given this high level of activity, a fairly large number of bus accidents may continue to occur.

If you have been seriously injured while riding the bus or metro, your Upper Marlboro Metro accident lawyer can help you.  Many local residents and commuters know our firm’s reputation for thoroughly evaluating personal injury cases like yours.

Why Work with an Upper Marlboro Metro Accident Lawyer?

After you share the facts of your case with your attorney, a case may well be filed on your behalf against the driver’s employer. While handling this process, we will also be carefully investigating your case.

You can rest assured that we will document how your accident unfolded. Every effort will be made to locate the best evidence available to support your claim. We will also contact any witnesses you believe can corroborate your version of events. The Upper Marlboro metro accident attorneys at our firm will also request copies of any Metro bus or private video surveillance tapes that can shed light on how your accident occurred.

We always try to settle cases for the maximum amount allowed.  Should the defendant’s insurance company refuse to settle your case, we will aggressively pursue the matter in court.  When seeking compensation for clients, we seek coverage for all of your medical expenses, in addition to any lost earnings. We also demand the full damages allowed by law for your pain and suffering.

What Often Causes Metro Bus Accidents?

  • Negligent screening of driver candidates: Transit companies should always carefully review each potential bus employee’s driving history. Nevertheless, the Metro may not always thoroughly research each applicant’s safety background.
  • Failing to adequately monitor their drivers: Riders have every right to expect the Metro to periodically monitor its drivers, ensuring that they abide by proper safety standards. However, sometimes even experienced drivers may feel entitled to take liberties or short-cuts that can potentially put passengers at risk.
  • Improper maintenance of Metro buses: All drivers must promptly alert their supervisors when a bus needs repairs. The Metro should never transport riders in buses or metro cars that have known repair issues.
  • Poor quality parts used for repairs: Riders have a right to ride in buses that are professionally maintained with proper parts. Furthermore, only well-trained mechanics should be allowed to install new parts.
  • Reckless or unsafe driving or operating: Safety rules must be observed at all times. This means that no bus should ever be overloaded with passengers, and the Metro must be sure that its drivers are not suffering from “driver fatigue” for any reason.

Human negligence plays a major role in most DC-area Metro accidents. If you have been the victim of a recent bus or metro accident, you should contact an Upper Marlboro personal injury lawyer to review the facts of your case with you. We will work to determine whether or not it is in your best interests to file a lawsuit, while securing the medical care that is needed.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits

If the injured party dies as a result of a Metro bus accident, our firm will prepare a wrongful death lawsuit on his or her behalf. We seek full compensation for this  loss and will make every effort to help you weather this extremely difficult emotional time.  Call an Upper Marlboro accident lawyer from our firm today for a free consultation.