Upper Marlboro Defective Products Lawyer

Defects in popular consumer products lead to hundreds of recalls and, unfortunately, even more injuries to unsuspecting consumers every year. While you have the right to demand compensation from any manufacturer whose unreasonably dangerous product injured you, actually obtaining the restitution you deserve could be a complex, lengthy, and time-consuming endeavor.

Assistance from an Upper Marlboro defective products lawyer could make a difference in your ability to enforce your rights and pursue financial recovery after getting hurt in this way. No matter who specifically bears fault for your injuries or what losses you have suffered and will suffer, a dedicated personal injury attorney could provide the custom-tailored support you need to protect your best interests effectively.

Actionable Defects Under Product Liability Law

State law holds product manufacturers strictly liable under certain circumstances for injuries consumers suffer while using an item. Specifically, strict liability applies when a consumer who initially bought a particular product directly from the manufacturer or a licensed seller suffers harm while using the product for its intended purpose or in a reasonably foreseeable way, and their injury stems directly from one of three types of defects with the product.

The first legally actionable defect is a design defect, which entails a manufacturer conceptualizing a product in such a way that every version of the product is fundamentally flawed and unreasonably dangerous. Second, a product may have a manufacturing defect due to a mistake or omission during production that makes a particular unit or batch of goods unreasonably dangerous. Third and finally, a product can have defective marketing, which generally takes the form of a failure by the manufacturer to warn consumers of known hazards associated with normal use or provide consumers with instructions for safe use.

It is sometimes possible to hold manufacturers or individual sellers liable based on traditional negligence that creates an unreasonably unsafe product. A product liability attorney in Upper Marlboro could discuss the best approach to a particular scenario during a private consultation.

Rules for Civil Recovery in Upper Marlboro

Importantly, defective product claims in the state are subject to the same restrictions applicable to other forms of injury litigation. For example, plaintiffs injured by dangerous products could recover the full value of all economic damages like medical bills and property damage, but as per Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings § 3-2A-09, they can only recover up to a specific cap for pain and suffering and other non-economic harms.

Furthermore, a statutory filing period of three years applies under MD Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings § 5-101 that begins on the date a plaintiff’s injury occurred, with limited exceptions. A defective products lawyer in Upper Marlboro could provide crucial assistance with navigating around these and other procedural roadblocks.

An Upper Marlboro Defective Products Attorney Could Help

Defective product litigation could be challenging because of the significant opposition plaintiffs almost always face from the companies liable for their injuries. Fortunately, help is available from seasoned legal professionals with experience helping people like you achieve positive case results.

Speaking with an Upper Marlboro defective products lawyer is a vital first step toward preserving your future after getting hurt by a dangerous product. Call today to schedule a meeting about your legal options.