Upper Marlboro Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Any injury caused by another person acting carelessly or recklessly could be immensely disruptive to your short-term plans and financial security, even if the physical harm you sustain will heal with appropriate medical care. However, when an accident born of negligence is severe enough to cause permanent disability or disfigurement, the resulting physical, financial, and personal consequences will almost always be life-altering.

Pursuing comprehensive civil recovery after incidents of this nature is particularly complex and high stakes, which makes assistance from a personal injury attorney experienced with similar cases especially crucial. With guidance from a knowledgeable Upper Marlboro catastrophic injury lawyer, you could effectively enforce your rights and demand restitution for all past and future losses related to your injury.

What Qualifies as a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury results in permanent and debilitating physical harm, such as spinal cord damage resulting in any degree of paralysis, traumatic brain damage, limb amputation, high-degree burns, and internal organ trauma. The term catastrophic injury has no legal significance, but is typically used to describe particularly severe or egregious injuries. Despite the name, an individual would still base an ensuing lawsuit or settlement demand around a theory of negligence, and a court would limit recovery to damages stemming specifically from injuries caused by the defendant’s negligent conduct.

Instead, what sets this type of case apart from others is the severity and scope of losses an injured plaintiff might need to demand compensation for. While less severe injuries generally cause short-term harm in the form of emergency medical bills, temporary losses of work income, and physical pain and suffering during the healing process, catastrophic injuries often result in permanent losses of earning capacity, require long-term medical and rehabilitative treatment, and generally lead to a significant decrease in overall quality of life.

Accordingly, recovering fairly for an injury this serious requires accounting for and accurately valuing various future losses that will not have fully manifested within the three-year filing deadline applicable to all injury claims under Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings § 5-101. Assistance from a skilled Upper Marlboro lawyer can be vital to building a strong catastrophic injury claim within a short window of time.

The Possible Impact of Contributory Negligence

Legal representation could also be key to preserving a devastating injury victim’s right to file suit in the first place if a defendant attempts to absolve themselves of liability by accusing an injured person of being partially responsible for causing or exacerbating their damages through negligence. This is particularly serious in Maryland because state courts do not allow financial recovery for any plaintiff who was found partly responsible for their injuries.

This prohibition in civil recovery applies even when a named defendant is still primarily to blame for the accident in question. Without a seasoned lawyer’s support, effectively contesting this kind of accusation during a catastrophic injury claim in Upper Marlboro could be difficult.

Seek Help from an Upper Marlboro Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Whenever an accident has lifelong consequences for anyone involved, seeking fair financial recovery becomes more complicated. In situations like this, support from a legal professional with a track record of positive outcomes in similar cases could be irreplaceable.

The help you might need for your unique situation is available from a compassionate and tenacious Upper Marlboro catastrophic injury lawyer. Call today for a consultation.

Upper Marlboro Catastrophic Injury Lawyer