Upper Marlboro Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing home abuse occurs all too often and victims should be compensated when they suffer this type of abuse. If you or an elderly family member has suffered abuse, neglect, or other type of harm at a nursing home a personal injury lawsuit is designed to seek financial compensation. Nursing homes should be held responsible for the actions of their staff or dangerous conditions in the home.

If a loved one or yourself has suffered nursing home abuse, an experienced Upper Marlboro nursing home abuse lawyer can represent your rights. You have the right to seek financial compensation following abuse. Let a dedicated personal injury attorney help.

Nursing Home Abuse in Maryland

Nursing home abuse is an all too common occurrence in the state. With so many elderly and infirmed patients in these types of care facilities, instances of abuse and neglect are inevitable. While they may be inevitable, it does not mean that abuse should ever be tolerated. There are legal and financial ramifications for homes and staff that abuse elderly patients.

This type of abuse occurs when a resident of a nursing home suffers intentional harm, abuse, neglect, or negligent care by nursing home staff. In many cases, this type of abuse is also considered elder abuse. State agencies often handle investigations of reported abuse, and criminal cases can arise as well.

Common examples of nursing home abuse include:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical harm
  • Emotional trauma
  • Passive neglect of residents
  • Financial exploitation
  • Intentional deprivation of patient needs
  • Isolation from family
  • Unlawful confinement

These types of abuse are just a few examples of many possibilities. If a person believes they or their family member is a victim of nursing home abuse, an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can help report the abuse and seek financial compensation for the injured patient.

Looking for Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

There are often distinct signs that nursing home abuse is occurring or likely occurring. If a resident is suddenly losing possession more frequently, especially those of value, this can be a sign that a staff member is stealing these items. Other financial exploitation can occur through sudden changes of a will, access to financial accounts, or payments made to individual staff members. Some nursing homes will even bill a resident extra in order to make more money.

Physical and sexual abuse is often discovered through physical signs on the resident’s body. This could take the form of malnutrition or dehydration, bruises, venereal diseases, and unexplained injuries to the resident. Psychological harm from abuse can cause strange behavior in the patient, sudden isolation, or fearful mannerisms.

What to Do if Abuse is Suspected

When abuse is suspected, it is best to act right away. There are multiple places this type of abuse can be reported, but there are times where reports are not taken seriously. The first step that should be taken is to contact an experienced nursing home abuse attorney in Upper Marlboro. An attorney can contact the proper authorities and make sure an investigation takes place.

The attorney can also start the process of holding the nursing home accountable. Financial compensation may be possible when a nursing home or its staff abuses a resident.

A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Upper Marlboro is Ready to Help

Nursing home abuse should not be taken lying down. If you or a family member is suffering this type of abuse, the proper authorities should be notified and financial compensation may be available. You deserve the protection and assistance of a qualified attorney.

An experienced Upper Marlboro nursing home abuse lawyer is ready to fight for your legal rights. Contact us today.