Upper Marlboro Truck Accident Lawyer

With all of the commercial vehicles traveling around the area, trucking accidents inevitably occur sometimes in Upper Marlboro. Since big rigs are so much heavier and larger than most other vehicles on the road, devastating injuries frequently happen in trucking wrecks. Sadly, a disproportionate number of fatalities occur in accidents involving trucks.

If you are suffering the effects of a serious trucking accident, a qualified Upper Marlboro truck accident lawyer could help you recover financial damages as well as some peace of mind. Our team of personal injury attorneys have the experience necessary to help you obtain the compensation that you deserve.

Truck Driver Liability for an Upper Marlboro Trucking Wreck

To prevail in a personal injury lawsuit, an injured claimant needs to prove that another person or company was negligent and bears legal responsibility, or liability, for the accident that caused the claimant to suffer injuries.

Drivers are responsible for most commercial vehicle accidents, just as they bear responsibility for most passenger vehicle crashes. Seasoned Upper Marlboro trucking collision attorneys will evaluate the truck driver’s behavior at the time of the accident to see if the driver was negligent or reckless in their driving. Our team of attorneys will look for evidence to prove the driver was speeding, overtired, distracted, or using drugs or alcohol. They will closely examine the police reports, eyewitness testimony, traffic camera footage, black box data, records of dispatcher communication, and even the trucker’s prior driving record to see if any evidence points to the trucker’s culpability.

Our team will also look through the driver’s log to see how many hours they had been driving. Federal safety laws require truckers to adhere to strict driving time limits to protect the safety of other people on the roads. A Maryland court could find a trucker negligent or reckless if a claimant produces evidence showing that the trucker ignored those federal safety laws.

Trucking Company Liability for a Truck Crash in Upper Marlboro

In addition to pursuing a claim against the at-fault trucker, an injured claimant may also be entitled to damages from the trucking company that employs the trucker. Courts recognize that employers are sometimes vicariously responsible for the mistakes of their employees. This rule may apply, particularly when the claimant can demonstrate that the trucking company exercised oversight over the trucker’s schedule or driving route. Trucking companies could also be liable for failing to adequately train their drivers or for imposing harsh driving schedules in violation of strict federal safety regulations.

If a mechanical problem led to a crash, the trucking company could bear liability if the claimant could prove that the trucking company did not correctly inspect, service, or maintain the truck’s parts.

Third-Party Liability for Causing a Truck Crash in Upper Marlboro

In some instances, third parties bear complete or partial responsibility for truck wrecks. If the truck had improperly secured or unbalanced cargo, the shipping or loading company in charge of installing the cargo could be responsible. In other instances, drivers of other vehicles cause crashes. If a defective part caused the driver to lose control, the truck’s manufacturer could bear responsibility. Similarly, the mechanics in charge of truck maintenance could be liable if they failed to spot and fix a serious mechanical problem. The Town of Upper Marlboro could also be liable if they failed to adequately maintain the roads.

Call an Upper Marlboro Truck Accident Attorney as Soon as Possible

If a trucking wreck hurt you, you need to reach out for experienced legal help. An Upper Marlboro truck accident lawyer understands the complex federal rules and regulations involved in trucking litigation and could help you get the recovery that you deserve. Contact us as soon as possible to get started.