Baltimore Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

While any injury sustained due to someone else’s negligent or malicious conduct can disrupt your short-term plans, certain types of injuries are so severe they permanently alter your long-term personal and professional prospects. When you suffer a permanent and debilitating injury in an accident you did not cause, understanding your rights when it comes to civil litigation and recovery could be essential to maximizing your quality of life.

In high-stakes situations like this, assistance from a personal injury attorney with experience handling similar claims on behalf of people like you is often vital to achieving a successful case result. A knowledgeable Baltimore catastrophic injury lawyer could provide the assistance you need to assure your right to recovery and help you move forward after a life-altering accident.

How State Law Defines a Catastrophic Injury

“Catastrophic injury” may refer to any injury that leaves someone with a lifelong loss of cognitive, motor, or sensory function.

Typically, people in Maryland who get hurt in car wrecks can only pursue third-party litigation against those responsible for causing the crash if they have “full tort” insurance. On the other hand, “limited tort” insurance policyholders cannot file suit until they have exhausted their own personal injury protection coverage—and even then, they can only seek restitution for certain economic losses.

If an auto accident results in a “serious injury,” though, there are no restrictions on who can file suit immediately afterward. A well-practiced Baltimore catastrophic injury attorney can explain in detail what legal options might be available for a particular individual during a private initial consultation.

Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Some of the most common types of catastrophic injury cases that our capable Baltimore attorneys handle include:


Paralysis is a serious condition that prevents individuals from moving their limbs and feeling sensation in various parts of the body. It could be caused by spinal cord injuries, and it can be either complete or partial. Complete paralysis occurs when a person loses sensation in the entire area of the body below their spinal cord injury. Partial paralysis occurs when a person loses sensation only in the area near their injury.

In addition to paralysis, spinal cord injuries can make it difficult for individuals to control their bowels and bladder, regulate body temperature and circulation, fight off respiratory infections, and have sexual intercourse. If a person sustains a spinal cord injury that is caused by another person, they could consult a catastrophic injury attorney in Baltimore immediately.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Mild traumatic brain injuries, or concussions, are relatively common among athletes and car accident survivors. Trauma could cause permanent damage to the brain. Traumatic brain injuries could leave a lasting impact on the life of individuals.

Falls, physical assaults, sports, and car crashes are common causes of traumatic brain injuries, and each injury varies widely from one person to the next. Depending on the nature of an injury, sufferers could suffer from the following conditions:

  • Cognitive impairment
  • Paralysis in the arms and legs
  • Abnormal speech patterns
  • Severe emotional and psychological problems
  • Memory loss

Individuals with traumatic brain injuries may also be prone to seizures and rapid mood swings. Many injured individuals require long-term medical care and their families often notice enormous personality changes. A Baltimore attorney could fight diligently on behalf of a person suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

Severe Burns and Disfigurement

Burns are painful and could leave the inflicted with permanent scars. The most severe burns, notably to the face and upper body, could leave individuals permanently disfigured and unable to live a normal life. Burns could be caused by electrocution, water scalding, chemicals, and fires, and if a person is burned due to the carelessness of another individual, they should be able to hold the responsible party liable in court.

While both first and second-degree burns could be painful, second degree burns could require immediate medical attention. Third-degree burns, are the most serious, and those who sustain them could be forced to receive several painful surgeries known as skin grafts. When important nerves are burned, the injured individual could even lose sensation in the impacted area.

Maximizing Compensation for Long-Term Damages

Regardless of how it occurred, a catastrophic injury such as traumatic brain damage or spinal cord trauma resulting in paralysis will invariably have a negative effect on a victim’s life in the long term. A comprehensive lawsuit or settlement demand based on a catastrophic injury should account not only for short-term losses such as emergency medical bills and lost work income, but also long-term damages such as lost ability to remain employed, lost enjoyment of personal hobbies, and physical and emotional pain.

Importantly, though, Maryland Code, Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article § 3-2A-09 establishes a cap on recovery for non-economic damages: $905,000 for claims accrued after October 1, 2021, with an annual increase of $15,000. The cap applies to all personal injury claims regardless of the severity of the injury. Working with a skilled catastrophic injury lawyer in Baltimore can be essential to getting the most comprehensive compensation award despite procedural roadblocks.

A Baltimore Catastrophic Injury Attorney Could Help

No one understands how dramatically a single accident can change a person’s life more than someone who has sustained permanent injuries due to the misconduct of another. While civil recovery cannot fully erase the harm a debilitating accident can cause, it can still be crucial in ensuring a severely injured person has the best possible quality of life moving forward.

Pursuing a case of this nature with a compassionate Baltimore catastrophic injury lawyer’s support could give you the best odds for a favorable final resolution. Learn more by calling today.