Baltimore Lead Paint Poisoning Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered exposure to lead paint as a result of landlord negligence, you do not have to handle this matter on your own. The impact of lead paint poisoning can be devastating and alter the course of your life. Consulting a Baltimore lead paint poisoning lawyer for assistance with potential legal claims may be instrumental to your ability to protect your rights to compensation.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent your interests may be the most effective means of holding property owners responsible for their negligent actions. You also may be able to recover damages for the losses that your family has suffered due to lead paint poisoning. By contacting legal counsel right away, you may be better situated to get the compensation that you deserve.

Symptoms of Lead Paint Poisoning

Children often are more susceptible to lead paint poisoning, as they are more likely to inhale or ingest lead paint dust or peeling or chipped paint. For individuals who suspect that their children have experienced lead paint poisoning, there are some common signs and symptoms that may appear. These symptoms may include:

  • Slow growth rates and developmental delays
  • Learning difficulties and loss of intellect
  • Stomach issues, weight loss, and loss of appetite
  • Hearing loss and seizures

Children exposed to lead paint also may be prone to pica or eating non-food items, fatigue, and irritability. When pregnant women are exposed to lead, they may give birth prematurely, have low birthweight babies, and have babies who have developmental delays. Severe cases of lead paint poisoning can lead to permanent brain damage, coma, and even death.

Adults exposed to lead paint can also suffer poisoning, although their symptoms may present differently. When adults sustain lead paint poisoning, they may suffer from chronic pain, high blood pressure, memory or concentration issues, abnormal or reduced sperm counts, or pregnancy complications. These injuries are usually permanent, particularly for young children and newborns exposed in utero, which may underscore the need to consult a lead paint poisoning attorney in Baltimore for advice.

Claims for Lead Paint Poisoning

Prolonged exposure to lead paint, even at lower levels, can be catastrophic for many families. No level of lead in the blood is safe, and the impact of lead paint poisoning can result in lifelong disability, permanent deficits, and even death.

While seeking medical care for lead paint poisoning is paramount, families also may want to seek legal advice. If the negligence of landlords or property owners caused injuries resulting from lead paint exposure, individuals might have legitimate claims for damages. A lead paint poisoning lawyer in Baltimore may be able to evaluate medical and environmental evidence and determine whether any potential claims are viable.

Evidence in lead paint poisoning claims may encompass many test results, medical records, and environmental assessments. Not only must injury victims prove that they have suffered injuries, but they also must show that a specific residence contained lead paint.

Finally, they must provide proof that the property owners were negligent in their handling of the lead paint in the home. For instance, the landlords may have failed to maintain the residence or broken state or local health regulations concerning lead paint.

Call a Baltimore Lead Paint Poisoning Attorney Today

Discovering that you, your child, or a family member has suffered irreversible cognitive and neurological issues is understandably distressing and overwhelming. You or your child may never be able to achieve your dreams for the future due to the injuries that you have suffered. Fortunately, a Baltimore lead paint poisoning lawyer may be able to help.

Experienced legal counsel could gather the evidence that is crucial to building a strong and compelling claim in your case. Legal representation could ease the complex claims process and help you reach an acceptable resolution to your claims. By taking these actions, you may be able to hold negligent property owners accountable for their wrongful actions.