Baltimore Premises Liability Lawyer

Although most people give it little thought, you risk physical harm every time you enter public or private property owned and maintained by another person. If a property owner fails to provide proper upkeep to the areas of their property you visit, you could sustain severe physical, financial, and emotional damages due to their negligence.

Fortunately, individuals hurt in these incidents likely have grounds to pursue civil litigation with the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney. If you believe a property owner’s reckless or careless conduct led to your injuries, let a Baltimore premises liability lawyer help you preserve your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve.

When Can a Person File a Premises Liability Claim in Baltimore?

Although premises liability claims are based on the same legal theory of negligence as other personal injury cases, filing a lawsuit against a property owner for negligent maintenance of their land includes unique legal elements. Therefore, before pursuing this type of claim, it is vital to understand some of these basic components to ensure a case’s success.

First and foremost, an injured individual must prove that a property owner they intend to sue owed them a “duty of care.” In other words, a victim must demonstrate that an owner had an implicit or explicit obligation to prevent them from harm. In Maryland, property owners must exercise “reasonable care” when identifying unknown hazards and addressing known risks to protect guests on their land. In contrast, landowners owe virtually no duty to protect people trespassing on their land without permission.

An injured individual must also prove that a landowner’s breach of this duty directly caused their injuries. It is worth noting that what kind of behavior constitutes a breach of duty can change depending on the circumstances. For instance, a store owner might be considered negligent for not cleaning up a spill in an aisle for several hours but not for failing to clean up the area within a few minutes of its occurrence.

A knowledgeable local attorney can explain preemies liability cases in more depth during a consultation and determine whether you are eligible to file a claim for damages.

How Contributory Fault Could Impact Financial Recovery

In Maryland it is imperative that when pursuing a premises liability claim, there was no “contributory fault” on the part of the injured plaintiff. Simply put, this means showing that the hurt individual did not cause or contribute to their injuries through their own reckless or careless conduct.

Proving that a claimant did not contribute to an accident is especially important in Maryland because courts adhere to an outdated “pure contributory fault” standard when ruling on personal injury claims. Under this standard, a plaintiff who bears any blame for their damages cannot recover compensation, regardless of how much more to blame another party was. An experienced lawyer in Baltimore can help a plaintiff collect relevant evidence that proves they did not contribute to their injuries and ensure a defendant is held accountable for their recklessness.

Consider Working with a Baltimore Premises Liability Attorney

For many reasons, obtaining financial compensation for an injury sustained on another person’s property in Maryland can be challenging. This is especially true if you submit a settlement demand or file a lawsuit without seeking guidance from a legal professional experienced with handling cases like yours.

A dedicated Baltimore premises liability lawyer can provide the support you need to achieve the case result you want. Learn more by calling today.