Baltimore Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Whether for a short commute to work, an errand around town, or a chance to get outside and exercise, bicycling is a popular way to travel for many city residents. However, riding a bike can be dangerous if motor vehicle drivers do not give you the physical space you deserve under state law. Sadly, when negligent drivers end up striking bicyclists, serious injuries often result.

If you were hurt on a bike due to a driver’s mistake or by a poorly maintained bicycle lane or sidewalk, consider contacting a Baltimore bicycle accident lawyer to discuss the possibility of civil litigation. With a dedicated personal injury attorney’s assistance, you could hold the responsible party accountable for your injuries and obtain fair compensation for your losses.

Proving a Driver at Fault for a Bike Collision

Every person who operates a car, truck, or another motor vehicle in Baltimore takes on a legal duty to protect other people they encounter on the road, including motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. If a driver breaches this duty and strikes a bicyclist, causing severe injuries, the biker could file a civil lawsuit against the motorist.

Proving a driver is at fault for a wreck is often as simple as referencing a police report created by an officer who responded to the crash scene and cited the responsible driver for a traffic violation. Because a big part of responsible driving includes obeying applicable laws and regulations, someone running a stop light or not yielding to a bicyclist in a crosswalk could be considered negligent.

However, in other cases, proving fault for a bike crash might be a more complex and labor-intensive matter of collecting and presenting evidence that a driver was distracted or impaired. This information could come from several sources, including traffic cameras, eyewitnesses, and even accident reconstruction experts. A seasoned local attorney could be a crucial resource when it comes to building a comprehensive claim that accounts for all of a victim’s losses.

Other Parties Who Could Bear Liability for a Bike Collision

In some situations, fault for a bicycle wreck may lie with an individual reckless or careless driver and a negligent municipal authority who failed to maintain safe bike passages. For example, if a bicyclist crashes and gets hurt because of a pothole within a bike lane, a government authority’s lack of proper maintenance could be the primary cause of the incident.

Filing a suit against a government entity for a personal injury is much more cumbersome than filing a claim against an individual. Moreover, strict time limits exist when pursuing civil litigation. Seeking help from a skilled lawyer in Baltimore is critical to achieving a positive outcome in unique situations like this.

Discuss Legal Options with a Baltimore Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycle wrecks cause hundreds of significant and often life-altering injuries yearly in Baltimore. Unfortunately, many of these incidents could have been avoided if not for another party’s misconduct. Fortunately, anyone who sustains serious physical harm in a scenario like this may have grounds to pursue substantial financial recovery from the people or entities responsible for their injuries.

Retaining a Baltimore bicycle accident lawyer may be a crucial first step towards getting the compensation you deserve after your crash. Call today for a consultation.