Baltimore Bus Accident Lawyer

Thousands of commuters in and around Baltimore depend on buses operated by the Maryland Transit Administration to get to work and other destinations within the metro area. Unfortunately, these “common carriers” pose a risk of harm to passengers and passers-by if their employees act negligently.

Pursuing civil restitution for injuries sustained in bus wrecks can be a complex endeavor depending on the circumstances. Seeking assistance from a capable personal injury attorney is critical to a successful case. A knowledgeable Baltimore bus accident lawyer can provide the experience and expertise necessary to protect your interests and obtain the restitution you deserve.

Seeking Compensation for Accident-Related Losses

Public and private bus operators have a legal duty to protect their paying customers’ safety while boarding, disembarking, and riding in one of their vehicles. Therefore, any reckless or careless act by a bus driver or the entity employing them that directly leads to a passenger’s injuries could serve as grounds for financial recovery through civil litigation.

While the total amount of compensation available to an accident victim after a crash can vary based on the responsible party, some of the specific damages that bus crash victims could potentially demand restitution for include:

  • Lost consortium
  • Lost quality of life
  • Physical pain from injuries
  • Psychological and emotional trauma
  • Personal property damage
  • Lost work wages and diminished earning capacity
  • All past and future costs of necessary medical care

A skilled attorney in Baltimore can offer clarification during a consultation about what recovery might be available to a crash victim.

Private Versus Public Bus Crash Litigation in Baltimore

Lawsuits against privately owned and operated bus companies work similarly to claims against other private individuals and businesses. For example, a negligent bus company or driver found liable for causing injury may be held financially accountable for the total value of all ensuing damages.

However, when a named defendant is the MTA or another local government authority, additional rules may apply to that claim that could significantly impact an injured person’s ability to pursue compensation.

For example, plaintiffs who intend to file civil claims against government entities in Maryland for their injuries must provide formal notice to the appropriate defendant(s) within one year of the collision in question, which is a much shorter deadline than the three years available for other personal injury claims.

Additionally, Maryland law prohibits government entities at the state or local level from being held liable for greater than $400,000 in damages. With help from a knowledgeable local lawyer, an injured individual could identify the responsible party and follow the proper guidelines to hold them accountable in a civil claim.

Seek Help from a Baltimore Bus Accident Attorney

Being involved in a bus accident can be a traumatic experience, even if you are fortunate enough to sustain minor physical injuries that do not require professional medical care. If a bus crash or other type of incident leaves you with serious injuries, pursuing a civil claim may protect your best interests.

Working with a Baltimore bus accident lawyer can be crucial to maximizing your chances of a favorable resolution to a case like this. Schedule your consultation and learn more by calling today.