Experience & Background

In December of 2013 I was offered a position as an Investigator with the Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office.  My time at this department was a major leap forward in my career.  I was able to investigate many types of crimes ranging from property crimes, both simple and complex, and violent crimes such as armed robberies, home invasions, and even homicides.  I was able to hone my skills in this position and prepare myself for the next step forward in my career.

My time at Marlboro County came to an end in 2016.  My focus and needs were taking me in a direction that the department could not lead me.  I had a want to be a part of a much larger department so that I could be involved in more than was possible in a small county.  As a result, I was hired with Horry County Police Department.  Here I spent two years on patrol showing my supervision that I was capable of much more.  After two years on patrol, I was promoted to the rank of Detective.

Myself and my partner were given complete control over a new division of the Criminal Investigative Division.  The department had taken the liberty to open up the spot for two brand new Domestic Violence detectives within the Special Victim’s Unit, which is where I was assigned.  In this position I was able to learn how to build an investigation from start to finish.  I was in charge of heading the investigation for crimes such as Assaults, Arsons, Murders, Suicides, Missing Persons, and so much more.  If the crime had a family relation between the Defendant and the Victim, then I was the one that was assigned to the case.  Between mid 2018 until early 2021 I was assigned to more than 500 cases to investigate, and just as many more that I had to review (cases handled by patrol) for audit purposes.

After perfecting my skills in the Special Victim’s Unit, I was moved to the Narcotics and Vice Unit.  Here I spent approximately 6 months working in a completely new environment.  I spent time not only doing surveillance, but also going undercover in order to gain knowledge and intel on drug crimes and human trafficking/prostitution.  After completing my short time in this unit, I made the hard decision to exit from the Law Enforcement side, and seek out a job on the Criminal Defense side.  Now I am employed with Price and Benowitz as a Criminal Investigator.  Here I hope to be able to use my skills that I have spent over a decade perfecting to help clients find the truth and closure.