Prince George’s County Defective Products Lawyer

Whether they do their shopping primarily through online retailers or inside brick-and-mortar stores, most people do not spend much time worrying about what might happen if a product they purchase is dangerously defective. Unfortunately, as the number of product recalls issued every year indicates, this seemingly unlikely scenario impacts consumers in Maryland on a regular basis, some of whom sustain injuries that fundamentally alter their life’s course.

If you were injured because a manufacturer did not provide a reasonably safe item, a Prince George’s County defective products lawyer could help you take appropriate legal action. Manufacturers can be held liable for harm their products cause in many situations. Having a seasoned personal injury attorney’s help could boost your odds of achieving the best possible case resolution. Reach out today to schedule a consultation to learn more.

Product Defects That Could Justify Litigation

In Maryland, manufacturers may be held strictly liable for a customer’s injuries if an unreasonably dangerous product hurt that individual due to a defect that existed when the product left its control. However, the product’s condition must not have significantly changed between the time it left the manufacturer and reached the consumer. Defects that may serve as grounds for litigation in this regard include:

  • Problems with a product’s core design
  • Errors during manufacturing that made the product unsafe
  • Failure by the manufacturer to provide appropriate instructions for use and/or warnings about known hazards in a product’s packaging

In addition to a theory of strict liability, people injured by defective products could pursue civil recovery under a theory of legal negligence, breach of warranty, or a combination of multiple theories. It is also sometimes possible that a product defect stems from negligence by a supplier or seller. In this case, they would bear primary liability for injuries as opposed to the manufacturer. A Prince George’s County dangerous products attorney could help determine who might be at fault for a particular individual’s injuries during a private consultation.

Recoverable Damages Through a Successful Claim

A person injured due to a product manufacturer’s misconduct can demand restitution for all economic and non-economic damages they suffer because of their injury. This means that a comprehensive claim can include objective financial losses like medical bills and property damage and more subjective forms of harm such as physical pain and psychological trauma.

Importantly, Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings § 3-2A-09 sets limits—or “caps”—on how much money an individual may recover for non-economic damages in a single case. As a product liability attorney in Prince George’s County could further explain, the specific cap applicable to a particular claim depends on when the party sustained their injuries. For example, the limit for non-economic recovery prior to October 1, 2021, was $890,000, while the cap for causes of action arising after that date and before October 1, 2022, is $905,000.

Talk to a Prince George’s County Defective Products Attorney Today

Achieving a positive result from a product liability claim is rarely a simple process, especially if you have little or no experience with litigation. There are numerous ways in which small mistakes or omissions could lead to you missing out on much-needed compensation. Once you have received a settlement or damage award, you have no second chance to go back and ask for more money.

A Prince George’s County defective products lawyer could help you take full advantage of your grounds for recovery and more effectively seek the restitution you deserve. Call today to learn more about how we could put our skills to work for you.