Prince George’s County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Riding on two wheels can be a lot more exciting and enjoyable than driving on four, but it can also be substantially more dangerous in the event of an accident. Even if you wear appropriate safety gear and follow every applicable traffic law, a moment of recklessness by another driver could leave you with devastating injuries that are expensive to treat and have lasting impacts on your personal and professional life.

In situations like this, having a knowledgeable personal injury attorney’s help could be especially important to effectively pursuing civil restitution. A Prince George’s County motorcycle accident lawyer could stand by your side from beginning to end of the legal process, diligently protecting your rights and relentlessly pursuing the best possible result on your behalf. Call our firm today to find out more information.

Constructing a Strong Motorcycle Accident Claim

As with any other civil claim following a traffic accident, civil recovery for motorcycle crash injuries revolves around proving that someone else is directly responsible for the incident. Specifically, this means demonstrating that a named defendant was negligent. This means that they did something careless enough to breach the duty every driver owes to each other to act responsibly and safely on the road, and in doing so, directly caused avoidable physical injury.

However, it is also crucial for motorbike wreck victims to show that they hold no fault whatsoever for their injuries or for intentionally or inadvertently worsening the damages they sustained through such an accident. This is because Maryland follows an uncommonly harsh “pure contributory fault” system, under which no individual who bears even a fraction of the total blame for their incident can recover any compensation.

Additionally, almost every injured party looking to recover compensation must start the litigation process no later than two years after their accident. A highly-trained Prince George’s County motorcycle wreck attorney’s assistance could be irreplaceable in understanding these rules and ensuring they do not unfairly hinder recovery efforts.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable?

A successful civil case following a motorcycle accident could allow recovery for economic and non-economic forms of harm. The former category includes objective financial losses like past, present, and future medical expenses and motorcycle damage necessitating repairs or even a full replacement. In contrast, the latter category covers more subjective types of harm, like physical pain, mental anguish, and conscious pain and suffering.

It is also often possible to recover not just for damages that have already occurred at the time of filing but also for those that will likely occur in the future as a direct result of a plaintiff’s injuries. This might include lost earning capacity and lost enjoyment of life stemming from permanent disability or disfigurement. A motorcycle crash attorney in Prince George’s County could discuss in detail what losses could be factored into a particular claim.

Let a Prince George’s County Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help You Recover Compensation

There is no amount of financial restitution big enough to erase the physical and emotional pain that a serious motorcycle wreck can produce. What civil recovery could do, though, is provide you with the best quality of life possible despite your incident while also holding the person responsible for your injuries accountable for the harm they caused you.

An experienced Prince George’s County motorcycle accident lawyer could help you make the most of whatever legal proceedings you wish to pursue. Reach out to our firm today to get started.