Prince George’s County Bus Accident Lawyer

Hundreds of commercial and private buses transport passengers around Maryland every day. No matter what organization or municipal entity is operating a particular bus, they have a legal obligation to ensure every one of their employees acts responsibly behind the wheel. Any failure to do so that directly results in injury could be grounds for an injury claim.

Different rules apply to different bus crash cases, as any experienced personal injury attorney could affirm. For the best chance possible of a positive case result, you should consider seeking assistance from a Prince George’s County bus accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Who Could Be Liable for Bus Accident Injuries?

Like anyone else who operates a motor vehicle on public roads in Maryland, bus drivers have a duty under the law to obey traffic regulations, watch out for other drivers and pedestrians, and act reasonably while driving. Any breach of this duty that directly results in an accident—whether it entails a collision with another vehicle, hitting a pedestrian, or simply causing a passenger on board to suffer an avoidable injury—could constitute negligence. When an accident is caused by another’s carelessness, a plaintiff could impose financial liability for ensuing losses.

Bus crash lawsuits and settlement demands rarely name only the bus driver involved as a defendant. Since employers could bear vicarious liability for negligence by their employees in many situations, it is common to hold the company that operated the bus liable for negligent hiring, training, or supervision practices.

Alternatively, liability for an incident may lie with a third party. In situations where a mechanic failed to provide diligent service to a bus, a supplier provided faulty bus components, or even another driver forced a bus driver into an unavoidable wreck, a third party could be responsible. Guidance from a seasoned attorney in Prince George’s County could be crucial to identifying the party or parties to blame for a specific bus crash and taking action against them.

Filing Deadlines for Civil Recovery

When a driver of a private bus company is responsible for injuries stemming from a bus accident, the applicable deadline for individuals intending to file suit is three years from the accident, as per Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings §5-101. However, different deadlines apply to cases involving publicly operated buses and government entities responsible for managing public transit services.

In this situation, the Maryland Local Government Tort Claims Act sets a filing deadline of one year for a plaintiff to formally notify a negligent government entity that they plan to file suit for damages. Because of this shortened filing period, a skilled lawyer’s assistance could be essential in building a strong case for compensation following a public bus incident in Prince George’s County.

A Prince George’s County Bus Accident Attorney Could Help

Bus accidents could be chaotic and traumatic experiences, especially when they leave multiple people injured or cause extensive property damage. The unique rules that restrict civil claims against government entities make cases of this nature even more complicated.

Fortunately, the help you may need to achieve a beneficial case result is available from a knowledgeable Prince George’s County bus accident lawyer. Call today to discuss your options.