Prince George’s County Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Because they do not have any protection from the force of a motor vehicle, pedestrians are especially susceptible to suffering catastrophic harm in traffic accidents. Even at low speeds, a car or truck that hits someone walking near a road could result in bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, and potentially traumatic spine or brain damage that has permanent repercussions.

Enforcing your right to civil recovery after an incident like this can be a uniquely complex endeavor, especially if you try to proceed with your claim without a qualified personal injury attorney’s help. Once retained, a Prince George’s County pedestrian accident lawyer could work tirelessly and tenaciously to prove fault for your injuries and demand fair compensation on your behalf for all your ensuing losses. Contact our firm to begin reviewing the details of your incident.

Establishing Liability for a Pedestrian Crash

The duty of care motorists owe each other while driving also extends to everyone else on or near the road, including bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. This means that if a driver does something reckless behind the wheel that directly leads to them striking a pedestrian, they could bear financial liability for every form of harm the individual sustains because of that incident.

Potential grounds for litigation after a pedestrian accident can range from overt violations of traffic law like speeding or drunk driving to more subjective forms of negligence like driving while distracted or without properly functioning headlights. An experienced Prince George’s County pedestrian collision attorney could be a crucial resource when determining who is to blame for a particular event and building a comprehensive case for compensation around available evidence.

Potential Obstacles to Comprehensive Recovery

Maryland courts follow a particularly harsh approach to “comparative fault,” a legal term that refers to the amount of blame an injury victim bears for causing or worsening their accident-related damages through their own negligent actions. If a pedestrian bears any responsibility whatsoever for a motor vehicle hitting them, they are ineligible to recover any compensation regardless of whether the other party in their claim is primarily at fault.

Additionally, Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings § 3-2A-09 sets limits on how much compensation injured parties can recover for non-economic damages. These are subjective forms of harm without specific financial values, like physical pain and psychological anguish. The applicable cap increases by $15,000 every year on October 1 to account for inflation.

Finally, MD Code, C&JP § 5-101 limits most injured individuals to a maximum of two years after their accident occurred to begin the process of filing suit over ensuing damages, with very few exceptions. Support from a knowledgeable attorney could be essential to understanding and overcoming these procedural obstacles following a pedestrian accident in Prince George’s County.

Consider Working with a Prince George’s County Pedestrian Accident Attorney

It can be understandably tough to rationally review your legal options after a serious accident, especially one caused by a negligent driver that left you dealing with debilitating injuries. Fortunately, help is available from experienced legal professionals who know how cases of this nature work and could provide the guidance you need.

Reaching out to a Prince George’s County pedestrian accident lawyer could be the first and most important step you take toward comprehensive civil recovery. Call today for a consultation.