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Various locales in Maryland and across the country have taken measures to protect bicyclists from negligent drivers, such as implementing dedicated bike lanes, protective barriers, and new laws prohibiting texting and driving. However, even the most thorough legislative efforts can only do so much to prevent recklessness on the road from causing severe physical injuries to careful cyclists.

As an experienced personal injury attorney could affirm, having skilled legal representation can make a difference in your prospects of successful recovery after being struck by a motor vehicle while biking. If you want to enforce your right to pursue fair financial restitution, speaking with a Prince George’s County bicycle accident lawyer should be a priority.

Fault in Bicycle Accident Claims

Whether the parties involved are in motor vehicles, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, or even walking in a crosswalk, the legal principle at the heart of any ensuing civil claim after an accident is negligence. In short, negligence is the idea that a person who has a responsibility or duty to act reasonably around others can and should bear financial liability for any injuries they cause through a reckless or careless breach of their duty.

For instance, a motor vehicle driver hits and injures a bicyclist while distracted, intoxicated, or breaking one or more traffic laws, they could be considered negligent. This makes an individual liable for any and all losses sustained by the person they hit. However, bicyclists can also be found negligent and partially responsible for contributing to their own accident. For instance, failing to follow traffic laws or wearing dark clothing that made it hard for nearby drivers to see them could lead to an injured person being found partially at fault.

Contributory blame for a bike accident is especially significant in Maryland due to the harsh way state courts historically approach this matter. Unfortunately, the court could bar an injured cyclist from recovering any civil compensation for their injuries. A seasoned attorney in Prince George’s County could explain how this system works and provide crucial assistance with contesting allegations of comparative fault levied against a bike crash claimant.

Pursuing Fair Compensation Within Filing Deadlines

A bicyclist hurt by another person’s negligence could pursue restitution for every form of harm they can trace directly back to their accident. This may include economic losses such as medical expenses and bicycle replacements, along with subjective non-economic damages related to physical pain, emotional anguish, and psychological trauma.

No matter how serious an accident victim’s injuries are, they generally have only three years after their accident to file a claim under Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings §5-101. An individual needs to collect relevant evidence, compile it into a comprehensive claim, and formally file a suit if private negotiations cannot produce an agreeable settlement within three years, or a court could reject their claim. Assistance from a knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyer in Prince George’s County could be vital to constructing a strong suit while adhering to this restriction.

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Bicycle crashes cause substantial injuries and losses to hundreds of Maryland residents each year. Many of these accidents could have been prevented if a defendant acted with care. To make matters worse, various state laws and legal precedents make it difficult for bike crash victims to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Working with a Prince George’s County bicycle accident lawyer could give you the best chance possible of securing a favorable case result and fully recovering from your injuries. Learn more by calling today.