Prince George’s County Child Injury Lawyer

No parent wants to imagine that their child might get hurt in an avoidable accident, especially one caused by a careless, unreasonably reckless, or intentionally malicious adult. Unfortunately, these unimaginable scenarios become all too real for thousands of families across Maryland each year, as seasoned personal injury attorneys know all too well.

If your child was hurt because another person engaged in negligent conduct, you may want to speak with legal counsel about your options for civil litigation sooner rather than later. With help from a Prince George’s County child injury lawyer, you could seek restitution on your child’s behalf for the short-term medical expenses and losses they have already experienced and for any future damages. Reach out today to begin reviewing the details of your case.

Recovering Compensation on an Injured Child’s Behalf

Anyone who is the parent or legal guardian of a child who suffers physical injury in an accident may file suit in that child’s name and demand financial restitution for every form of harm the child sustained through that incident. In practice, this generally means proving that one or more named individuals were directly responsible for causing the child’s injuries through an accident caused by the at-fault party’s failure to fulfill a duty of care.

The definition of a “duty” in this context—as well as what constitutes an actionable “breach” of said duty—can vary from case to case. For example, motor vehicle drivers involved in traffic accidents may bear civil liability for a child’s injury if they violate a traffic law and cause a wreck. Lawsuits against healthcare practitioners who allegedly injure a child through medical malpractice must show the physician failed to meet a specific “standard of care” based on their experience and area of expertise.

Fortunately, a successful injury claim may allow recovery for both economic and non-economic losses, including:

  • All medical expenses and costs for rehabilitative care
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Personal property damage
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Lost enjoyment and/or overall quality of life

A Prince George’s County child injury attorney could strive to understand the ways an accident has impacted an individual’s life to form a demand for compensation that adequately reflects their losses.

What Time Limits Apply to Child Injury Claims?

For most personal injury plaintiffs, Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings § 5-101 allows a maximum of three years after an injury occurs for the injured party to begin civil litigation over their damages. The same filing period technically applies to child injury cases as well. However, the countdown toward the deadline does not start until the injured child turns 18, with one caveat: parents are responsible for expenses – such as medical bills – incurred in the care of their children while they are still minors, and so parents must sue to recover any expenses incurred or anticipated while the child is still a minor within the three year statute of limitations.

Otherwise, Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings § 5-201 allows the statutory filing period for personal injuries experienced as a child to be tolled—or paused—until the injured party’s “disability” is no longer present. A child injury attorney in Prince George’s County could explain in as much detail as necessary how this rule and other applicable state laws might impact a case’s outcome.

Get in Touch with a Prince George’s County Child Injury Attorney

Any time negligence causes a child to suffer physical injury, that child’s parents or guardians have the ability to file suit against the negligent person or entity. However, these cases are often understandably difficult both emotionally and legally, making assistance from knowledgeable legal counsel crucial to achieving the best possible resolution.

A Prince George’s County child injury lawyer could provide the guidance and support your family needs throughout every process. Call today to learn more.