Prince George County Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injuries are often a fact of life, and most people will deal with an injury at some point in their lives. While many accidents are unavoidable, others are the direct result of another person or company’s failure to keep you safe.

In certain situations, the law says that people or companies must act to protect others. When they fail in this obligation and cause injuries, the responsible parties must provide fair compensation. This often includes payments for medical bills, emotional trauma, and lost wages.

A Prince George County personal injury lawyer may be able to help you to pursue your case. A compassionate attorney could explain the laws that pertain to your situation and gather the evidence necessary to prove that another party’s actions caused your injuries. With this information, a lawyer could demand fair payments both in and out of court.

Common Examples of Personal Injuries in Prince George County

It is an unfortunate fact that personal injuries can occur at almost any time. Even if parties take every possible precaution to protect themselves, they are still at the mercy of the poor decisions of others.

Since this is such a common problem, the law says that certain situations create an obligation for parties to protect others. This duty is automatic when performing certain actions. For example, merely getting behind the wheel of a car obligates a driver to protect other motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. Drivers who fail to provide this protection are to blame when a collision occurs.

Other prominent examples of personal injuries in Prince George County include:

  • Trips and falls, or other premises liability incidents
  • Medical or dental errors
  • Injuries caused by unreasonably dangerous products
  • Construction site accidents

A Prince George County personal injury law firm could take the lead in proving that another party’s actions were the reason for an accident. They can also defend someone against allegations of contributory negligence. Contributory negligence comes into play when a party fails to take reasonable steps to protect themselves. If the injured party is even slightly responsible for their own accident, they cannot recover compensation. This rule can make assistance from a legal professional essential.

What Happens When an Injury is the Result of a Crime?

Unfortunately, not every personal injury is the product of an accident. Injuries may also come about when another person violates the Commonwealth’s criminal code. In these situations, law enforcement and a Prince George County prosecutor may pursue criminal charges. While the outcome of this case may not directly result in compensation, it may aid a victim in seeking related civil lawsuits.

This is because courts will not consider the facts of an incident more than once. If a criminal court determines beyond a reasonable doubt that a criminal act occurred, a DUI for instance, a civil court will not then allow that same person to argue that the incident did not take place. A Prince George County attorney could help leverage criminal convictions into potent personal injury claims for compensation.

Reach Out to a Prince George County Personal Injury Attorney Immediately

Suffering an injury because of another’s careless or reckless actions places you in a difficult position. Of course, your first priority should be your health. Even so, the incident may also result in severe property damage, impact your ability to earn a living, and impact your quality of life. Parties who are at fault for these incidents have an obligation to provide compensation, but obtaining it is notoriously difficult.

Fortunately, a Prince George County personal injury lawyer could help. Experienced legal professionals could work with you to explain the law, gather vital evidence, and demand full payments from all at-fault parties. The law limits how long you have after an injury to demand compensation, so call today to get started.