Prince George’s County Premises Liability Lawyer

Visiting someone else’s property should never be a risky proposition, especially since property owners and managers have an implicit duty under the law to maintain safe conditions for lawful visitors. Unfortunately, not every landowner in Maryland fulfills this responsibility, and that negligence sometimes leads to avoidable accidents that cause serious injuries.

If you were hurt due to dangerous property conditions, speaking with a Prince George’s County premises liability lawyer about your legal options could be crucial to preserving your legal rights. With a skilled personal injury attorney’s help, you could hold a negligent landowner or property manager liable for the harm you sustained and recover compensation for every one of your losses.

Classes of Visitors Under State Law

While premises liability claims in Maryland generally follow the same rules as other forms of personal injury litigation, one of the unique aspects of these cases is how a defendant’s “duty of care” could change depending on the circumstances. For example, a property owner’s responsibilities towards visitors are not universal and may require a different degree of care.

Landowners owe the most substantial duty to “invitees” who visit a property specifically for the owner’s financial or commercial benefit. Specifically, they must exercise “ordinary care” to ensure invitees are not harmed by unforeseen hazards or hazards that the property owner should have discovered and corrected with due diligence.

Owners must demonstrate reasonable care in pointing out known hazards to “licensees” who visit a property for their own benefit and with an owner’s permission. However, property owners are not liable for injuries to licensees caused by unforeseen or immediately obvious hazards.

Finally, property owners have no specific duty to protect “bare licensees” visiting property purely for their own personal interests or “trespassers” who enter private property illegally or without permission, other than to refrain from intentionally trying to harm these kinds of visitors. A Prince George’s County premises liability attorney could clarify what a particular accident victim’s circumstances could mean for their chances of civil recovery.

Recoverable Damages Through a Successful Claim

Notably, “compensable” losses in a comprehensive premises liability claim do not necessarily have to be objective. For example, in addition to objective financial losses like medical expenses, personal property damage, and lost income due to missed time at work, lawsuits and settlement demands may also seek restitution for non-economic damages such as emotional distress, physical pain, and lost future quality of life.

However, Maryland state law sets “caps” on recovery for non-economic harm, limiting how much compensation an individual plaintiff can recover for these losses in a single claim. A property liability lawyer in Prince George’s County could review what limits might apply to a particular claim during a confidential consultation.

Talk to a Prince George’s County Premises Liability Attorney Today

The prospect of adding settlement negotiations or a prolonged court battle to your plate after getting hurt on someone else’s property may understandably seem like too much to take on alone. Fortunately, you do not have to fight a battle like this by yourself if you seek counsel from a legal professional with a history of successful results in cases like yours.

A qualified Prince George’s County premises liability lawyer could be the ally you need to achieve the financial recovery you deserve. Learn more by calling today.