Prince George’s County Paralysis Injury Lawyer

An injury resulting in partial or complete paralysis is one of the substantial and all-encompassing effects a serious accident can have. Treating injuries of this nature is extremely expensive and can require months—if not years—of intensive rehabilitation for an injured person to reach maximum medical improvement. Unfortunately, the personal and professional losses that may persist after that point can be overwhelming.

If you suffered harm of this nature due to another person’s misconduct, a Prince George’s County paralysis injury lawyer could explain your legal options and determine which course of action is best for you.

Once retained, your dedicated personal injury attorney could work to build a comprehensive claim against the party responsible for your injury, demand financial restitution for your losses, and help you navigate legal roadblocks preventing you from getting the compensation you deserve.

Establishing Fault for a Paralyzing Injury

The principle of negligence is the most common legal basis for personal injury claims in Maryland, including those based around paralysis injuries. Under this theory, if a person or entity causes an accident by acting negligently according to the law, they may be held financially liable for all subsequent losses.

Various negligent acts can lead to paralyzing injuries, including automobile collisions, slips or trips and falls, mistakes by surgeons and other healthcare practitioners, and workplace accidents on construction or industrial sites. However, proving someone else to blame for a specific incident and connecting that accident to an injury resulting in paralysis is rarely a simple endeavor.

Depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to incorporate comprehensive medical records, videos and photos of the accident scene, police reports, eyewitness testimony, and medical expert opinions into a claim to maximize the chances of a favorable outcome. A tenacious attorney in Prince George’s County could provide crucial assistance throughout every legal step.

What are Obstacles that Could Prevent a Person from Recovering Compensation?

Unfortunately, the state of Maryland does not favor personal injury plaintiffs in terms of the restrictions imposed under state law on the pursuit of civil compensation. For instance, state courts adhere to what is known as a “pure contributory fault” system, under which a plaintiff found to have contributed to or worsened their damages in any way through their negligence is ineligible to recover anything through an ensuing civil claim.

Talk to a Paralysis Injury Attorney in Prince George’s County as Soon as Possible

Filing suit over a paralyzing injury could be essential to preserving your prospects after sustaining such life-altering harm. That said, achieving a successful outcome from such a case is virtually impossible without guidance from a knowledgeable legal professional who has gotten positive results from similar claims.

A capable Prince George’s County paralysis injury lawyer could be your ally to seek fair financial restitution effectively. Call today to schedule a meeting.