Maryland Icy Sidewalk Injury Lawyer

Slipping on ice can be one of the most dangerous aspects of winter weather, particularly in Maryland, which receives more than its share of snow and ice when compared with some other states. While no one likes shoveling snow and ice, property owners have a responsibility to keep their walkways used by the public in a reasonably safe condition.

Therefore, if you were injured after falling on an icy sidewalk, a Maryland icy sidewalk injury lawyer can help you pursue compensation from the responsible party for your mounting medical bills, periods of missed work and lost wages, pain and suffering, and lost career or personal opportunities. To see if you are eligible to file a claim call a Maryland premises liability lawyer today.

Icy Sidewalk Injuries

Falling on ice can cause severe injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, torn ligaments, joint and disk dislocation, spinal cord injuries, injury to internal organs and even death. Injury victims may need surgeries, physical therapy, pain management, rehabilitation and even long-term care. If you were injured by falling on ice, a Maryland icy sidewalk injury lawyer can help by filing a claim for reimbursement of your costs with the person or entity whose negligence may have caused the unsafe conditions.

Property Owner’s Responsibilities

Property owners cannot be expected to maintain perfect conditions at all times. However, if a property owner’s premises are unreasonably dangerous, or if the owner was aware of an unsafe condition but failed to take steps to fix the problem and warn members of the public of any potential dangers, he or she could be held responsible for any injuries and damages incurred as a result of the unsafe condition.

Wise property owners pay attention to the areas that are likely to ice during winter conditions, and take proactive measures to prevent slips and falls by salting walkways, sidewalks, stairs, doorways, parking lots and curbs. In addition, property owners should remove ice and snow as soon as possible after it accumulates, though Maryland law does not require them to begin ice and snow removal until after the storm has passed.

Many Maryland jurisdictions set their own ordinances dealing with how long a property owner has to remove ice and snow. Your Maryland icy sidewalk injury lawyer will be able to analyze the applicable law in your specific Maryland jurisdiction. The longer that the walkways go untended once weather has cleared, the more likely for a court to determine that the property owner left the premises in an unsafe condition for an unreasonable amount of time.

Failing to do an adequate or thorough enough job at clearing away the ice and snow from sidewalks could also cause a property owner to face liability. If you were injured because a property owner did a shoddy job of snow removal, your Maryland icy sidewalk injury lawyer may be able to establish that the property owner is responsible for your injuries.

Consult an Experienced MD Icy Sidewalk Injury Lawyer

If you were injured by falling on an icy sidewalk, your Maryland icy sidewalk injury attorney can examine the details of your accident and determine whether the property owner may be held liable for your injuries. Whether you slipped on public property, business premises, or a private homeowner’s walkways, an experienced Maryland icy sidewalk injury lawyer can fight on your behalf to recover the compensation you deserve.