Maryland Gym Injury Lawyer

A Maryland gym injury lawyer can provide you with legal advice if you wish to seek compensation when hurt at the gym. Going to the gym is supposed to improve your health but when equipment malfunctions or gyms are poorly maintained, there is a serious risk of injury or even death.

If you suffer harm because of problems at your gym, you may be able to recover full compensation for all damages and losses. A gym injury lawyer in Maryland can help you understand your rights and make your claim for compensation. Contact a Maryland premises liability lawyer to learn more and discuss your case.


Premises liability cases that occur at a gymnasium typically are based upon a negligence claim. This would mean that a property owner owed a duty of care to an invitee of the property and that duty of care was breached, resulting in certain injuries.

If there is a flaw or failure in an apparatus that was not foreseeable, it could have an impact on the case. If a piece of equipment fails while being used properly, that may be a manufacturing defect which could manifest itself in a claim against the manufacturer.

If a sign reads, “Do not do this,” and the person does it, they are most likely prohibited from bringing a claim. On the other hand, if a person uses the equipment properly and gets hurt, they would have to prove negligence.

Use of a Trainer

The use of a trainer can complicate the issue in that the trainer may not be an employee of the gym but instead can be an independent contractor. Therefore, the liability may rest solely with the trainer, and the ability to collect from that trainer can be tenuous.

Likewise, the nature of the injury may depend on the action of the trainer or the equipment or the injured person or any combination thereof. Therefore, a strong evaluation of exactly what happened and who’s responsible needs to be done.


Premises liability cases allow for economic damages which often include the cost of past and future medical expenses, lost wages or any other objective economic cause incurred as a result of the incident, and non-economic damages most often include pain, suffering and inconvenience and any other subjective claim that were caused by the injuries sustained from the incident.

Role of a Maryland Gymnasium Injury Lawyer

Gym injury victims may be entitled to compensation for medical costs, lost earning power, emotional problems caused by injuries, pain, and other damages resulting from accidents at the gym. There are certain legal steps to take to recover the compensation someone is entitled to get this money and a Maryland gym injury lawyer can help with many aspects of their client’s case. An attorney can assist someone with:

  • Identifying who was responsible. Gym operators, gym owners, or equipment manufacturers are among the individuals and businesses who may be responsible for their accident
  • Investigating how the accident happened. Many things can go wrong at gyms. Gyms may have slippery flooring, swimming pool areas with damaged drains or broken ladders, lose tiles, or unsafe equipment. A gym maybe responsible if there is a problem with the property or security, while equipment manufacturers may be held accountable for malfunctions or defects that cause harm
  • Proving their case. A person must show that those they claim are responsible failed in some way to live up to a legal obligation. The gym or equipment manufacturer may try to argue they were partly or fully at fault and they have to demonstrate that they are free from responsibility in the causing of their accident
  • Negotiating with insurers or filing court paperwork. Cases may settle out of court if insurers accept their policyholders were at fault. If no settlement is reached, someone will need to pursue their case in court by filing a lawsuit

Gym injury claims can be complicated because working out has some inherent risks. However, while a person may take a chance of suffering an overexertion or other exercise injury at the gym, they still have a right to expect that equipment will work properly and the gym will be carefully and reasonably maintained. A gymnasium injury attorney in Maryland can help a person to determine if they have a case.

Contacting a Lawyer

Many injuries at the gym can change a person’s life forever. Someone may suffer spinal cord damage, paralysis, head trauma, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and scarring. In some cases, injuries at the gym can be fatal.

Maryland law gives a person the right to be “made whole.” Whether your case settles out of court or is decided during litigation, your Maryland gym injury lawyer will help you to fight for full and fair compensation for your losses.

Do not hesitate to contact an attorney as soon as possible after a gym accident so you can begin to discuss your options. A Maryland gym injury lawyer is available to provide legal representation as you make your injury claim.