Damages in Maryland Premises Liability Cases

An injured person can generally recover damages for both economic and non-economic reasons in Maryland premises liability cases. Economic damages deal with the cost of medical treatment incurred in the past and in the future. This typically manifests itself in medical bills, lost time from work, or any other medical expenses incurred by the injured person.

Non-economic damages are a more subjective and less-tangible form of damages. They typically refer to pain and suffering, inconvenience, and any other specific issue relevant to that individual person.

Recovering Damages

The amount of damages available in a case depends on the particular circumstances surrounding the allegation.

Damages awarded in a Maryland premises liability cases depend on the type of injury involved. A person may be injured who requires very little treatment but is in a lot of pain. Someone else may have a very serious injury that is corrected with surgery and has very little pain or an ongoing and prolonged history.

In Maryland, there is a cap on non-economic damages which is determined by the Maryland state legislature and changes year to year.

Issues Concerning Financial Recovery

Premises liability cases are difficult for a couple of reasons. The primary reason is identifying who owes the duty to the injured person. For example, in a restaurant where someone slips and falls on a wet floor, the duty may be owed by the property owner, the person running the restaurant, the cleaning company responsible for maintaining the restaurant, or some other independent contractor totally unknown to the injured person.

Many issues can occur in terms of determining who owed a duty to the injured person in a premises liability case. Therefore, someone who does not have experience handling such a claim can spend a lot of time pursuing the wrong party.

Benefits of a Lawyer

The attorney can evaluate the nature and extent of the injuries and/or death and provide guidance to the injured person or the estate of the decedent as to the appropriate range of value for that claim based upon the facts and circumstances of the claim.

People should hire a premises liability attorney because premises liability cases can be very problematic. They are hard to evaluate and can be challenging to investigate. They are very difficult to establish in a court of law.

Therefore, it is important for anyone injured due to the negligence of another to retain a qualified and trained personal injury attorney to assist them in recovering damages in their Maryland premises liability case.