Symptoms of Lead Paint Poisoning in Baltimore

Prior to 1978, lead was a component of paint and many other items. In 1978, the federal government determined that lead paint was a health hazard and prohibited its usage in housing. Nonetheless, lead paint continues to exist in many older buildings, which leads to some individuals exhibiting symptoms of lead paint poisoning in Baltimore.

If testing shows that you or a family member has suffered exposure to lead paint, you may have a claim for compensation if another party negligently caused your exposure. Lead paint poisoning can have long-term effects on your health, some of which are irreversible. A personal injury lawyer may be able to analyze your situation and determine whether you have a viable cause of action against any potentially liable parties.

Common Causes of Lead Paint Poisoning

Although lead paint is no longer permissible, it still exists in many buildings, homes, and other structures. As a result, renovations or eventual deterioration in older homes and buildings can stir up dust that contains lead. When individuals inhale this dust, they could sustain lead poisoning.

Children who live in older rentals that owners do not maintain properly are particularly vulnerable to lead poisoning. If renovation includes the removal of lead paint, children may inadvertently consume paint chips that contain lead, which can cause lead poisoning. Likewise, if old paint begins to peel off a wall, children easily can ingest lead paint chips.

Serious Symptoms of Lead Paint Poisoning

Lead paint poisoning can cause significant developmental delays in children and other health problems in adults who suffer from exposure. Individuals may not recognize the symptoms of lead paint poisoning immediately. Some of the common low-level lead paint poisoning symptoms in Baltimore may include the following:

  • Decreased intelligence
  • Difficulties in learning and achieving in school
  • ADHD and ADD
  • Antisocial or criminal behaviors

Over long periods, lead paint exposure could lead to damage to the brain and central nervous system. Children may experience delays in growth and difficulties with memory and concentration. Other individuals who experience lead paint exposure may suffer from digestive problems, headaches, hearing loss, muscle pain, and joint pain.

High blood pressure, reproductive difficulties, and problems with pregnancy also may plague individuals who sustain damage from lead paint poisoning. Lead paint poisoning at higher levels may cause more severe symptoms and reactions in individuals. Severe lead paint poisoning may lead to convulsions, coma, and even death.

Liability for Lead Paint Exposure in Baltimore

Owners of older buildings that serve as rental properties must provide adequate maintenance to minimize lead exposure to their renters and occupants. When they fail to properly maintain their buildings and lead paint exposure occurs, they may be liable for the injuries that result.

Due to the potential severity of Baltimore lead paint poisoning and its symptoms, individuals may never be self-sufficient or live independently. As a result, the costs of treating the medical conditions resulting from lead paint exposure is high, and permanent damage may render some victims completely reliant on family members.

Through lead paint poisoning claims, injury victims may be able to pursue compensation for current and future medical expenses. Other potential damages may include compensation for pain and suffering, permanent disability, and loss of earning capacity, depending on the situation. To maximize their chances of recovering damages, injury victims and their families may wish to seek legal guidance.

Call a Baltimore Symptoms of Lead Paint Poisoning for Help Today

The symptoms of lead paint poisoning in Baltimore can have devastating effects on your child and your family. If you suspect that your child has been exposed to lead paint, you should seek medical attention immediately. Then consider the merits of contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer for advice.

While you focus on caring for your injured or ill child, legal counsel may be able to take care of the legal details of any claims that you may have. By filing a claim for damages, you may be eligible to collect much-needed compensation for necessary medical care for your child and other related expenses. Taking these steps could give you peace of mind and financial assistance to meet the needs of your child.