How Much is a Baltimore Lead Paint Case Worth?

When you or a loved one suffers from lead paint exposure, your injuries can be devastating. As the effects of lead paint poisoning are largely irreversible, impairments are likely to plague injury victims for life. If however, you are interested in seeking compensation for your injuries, asking how much is a lead paint case worth in Baltimore is a common question for anyone in this situation.

The value of a lead paint injury claim varies widely depending on various factors. A lead paint poisoning lawyer could work to provide a rough estimate of potential worth. An accurate projection of the value of a claim is not typically possible.

Ascribing a Value to Lead Paint Injury Claims

Various considerations could impact the value of a lead paint injury claim. These factors include:

  • The strength of the proof that lead exposure occurred in a specific residence
  • The timing and reading of blood test results measuring lead levels
  • The existence of other potential sources of lead poisoning
  • Whether other factors could have caused the intellectual and behavioral deficits that the injury victims are displaying

Another major factor in the valuation of a lead paint claim in Baltimore is the availability of insurance coverage. Significant judgments against uninsured property owners or those who have insurance policies with a lead exclusion may not be collectible. On the other hand, the presence of ample insurance coverage may make a higher damages award possible.

Types of Compensation in Lead Paint Poisoning Cases

A lead paint claim could result in different kinds of compensation, based on the circumstances of the case. A central component of any lead paint claim is compensation for medical expenses. These expenses include the costs of all medical care attributable to the lead paint poisoning, whether victims incurred them in the past or expect to incur the in the future.

Other potential types of damages in lead paint injury cases could include:

  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Loss of income and earning capacity
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Loss of companionship or damages to the relationship with a spouse

While these examples of damages in a lead paint case cannot place an accurate dollar value on a specific claim, they could provide a framework for determining the value of a claim. Legal counsel could work to investigate all possibilities for the recovery of compensation to successfully determine the worth of a Baltimore lead paint case.

Property Owner Liability and a Claim’s Worth

The extent and nature of property owner liability, as well as the proof supporting that liability, also could affect the dollar value of a lead paint claim. For instance, if there is clear evidence that landlords failed to comply with the Maryland Reduction of Lead Risk in Housing law, liability may be more straightforward. On the other hand, if only circumstantial evidence supports a probable violation, the claim may be worth less.

For instance, if lead paint poisoning to a child occurred many years ago, it may be more difficult to prove where the poisoning occurred. While it is sometimes possible to go back and test different buildings for lead, property owners could have renovated the premises since the time of the alleged lead exposure. In some cases, parties may find it very difficult to hold property owners liable based on a lack of concrete evidence.

In these situations, the potential recovery may be lower, simply due to the lack of proof. In other cases, however, a building may still test positive for lead, even years later, which can provide more definite evidence to support a claim for damages.

What Is the Worth of a Lead Paint Case in Baltimore?

Families who have been impacted by lead paint poisoning often ask, “how much is a lead paint case worth in Baltimore?” Various factors can affect the value of a lead paint claim. These factors may include the types of tests performed on the residence and the person exposed to lead, and whether there are other explanations for the source of the lead exposure.

Contacting legal counsel to value and pursue any lead paint claims that you may have could be crucial to a favorable outcome in your case. Lead paint cases are complex to navigate on your own. Legal counsel may be able to pursue your claim while you focus on handling the health concerns created by lead paint poisoning.