Common Complications for Maryland Workers’ Compensation Claims

To avoid the common complications for Maryland workers’ compensation claims, choose to work with a dedicated attorney. Your benefits are your right as a worker, but that does not mean that you would receive them if you were to make a mistake when filing. Let an experienced workers’ compensation attorney help you file.

How Complicated Are Maryland Workers’ Compensation Claims?

The forms associated with workers’ compensation claims are not complicated. The person completes the boxes; however, an individual might complete the wrong box. What is complicated is how one explains how they got hurt.

There is a question on the form about whether there was an accidental injury or an occupational disease. The injured worker may not know the difference. There is no reason why they would know, so they check one and it could be the wrong one. By checking the wrong one, their claim is not going to be accepted and they lose benefits and much needed treatment.

The form is not hard to fill out, but there are some things the individual may not understand. Sometimes, they do not understand the consequences of answering a certain way.

Expectations When Working with an Attorney

When someone calls an attorney, that legal professional often talks to the individual and arranges for them to come in and meet. Many attorneys like meeting face-to-face so they can understand the injured worker’s needs and how they communicate.

Subsequent Injury Funds

Maryland has a Subsequent Injury Fund. When someone has a serious work-related injury that disabled them at least 25 percent of the body and they also have at least 25 percent pre-existing disabilities from conditions before the work injury, they are entitled to be paid for the pre-existing problems as well.

The prospective client will always talk to me when we file the claim. Hopefully, they come to the office and we fill out their claim and file it online. I get their medical treatment history from the work injury and for the time previous to the accident because I need to know about their pre-existing conditions. They may have prior conditions that were affected by the work injury, which I need to know because it could complicate things.

What Components Make Applying For Workers’ Compensation Challenging?

One of the issues that could make applying for workers’ compensation in Maryland difficult is not knowing the employer’s identity. It could be incredibly difficult to get benefits if someone’s employer does not have insurance. Most employers are required to have insurance depending on how much their payroll is and the kind of job. Not everyone has what they are supposed to have, so if a person is hurt working for someone who does not have insurance, the employer is still required to pay for all of the employee’s treatment and lost time. How many small businesses have that kind of money? Some people do not have insurance and quickly find themselves in a situation where they have very desperate needs and no way to address them.

Prevent Common Errors for Maryland Workers’ Compensation Claims with a Lawyer’s Help

Common complications for Maryland workers’ compensation claims often stem from a lack of knowledge or preparedness on the injured workers’ behalf. That said, there are ways to make obtaining the benefits you need less arduous. One of them is choosing to work with a dedicated attorney who could help you recover your entitled benefits.