Disability in Workers’ Compensation in Maryland

Within the spectrum of workers’ compensation, disability is a functional impairment that substantially affects a person’s life activities and limits their capacity to work and earn wages.

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What is Temporary Partial Disability?

An individual would be under temporary partial disability when they have certain light duty restrictions placed upon them by a medical professional. The primary reason for being physically limited is to ensure a proper healing process following an accident. If an individual has been taken certain medications and is undergoing some type of rehabilitation, they may be discouraged and restricted from partaking in specific work duties. As a result, the possibility of earning less money than they would have if they were healthy is very real.

If an individual is not performing the same duties nor the same hours than they are used to, they would experience a loss of wages as a result of their temporary partial disability. When this happens, the worker may be entitled to temporary partial disability (TPD) payments. These payments are equivalent to one-half of the difference between the average weekly wage and the earnings on the light-duty jobs.

Types of Injuries that Lead to Temporary Disability

Someone could be brought back to light duty with virtually any kind of injury. It could be physical or mental or neurological. For example, if the truck driver with a broken leg is allowed to come back for four hours a day and sit at a desk with their leg elevated, just opening mail, they are going to be earning less money, so they would be getting temporary partial disability.

What is Permanent Partial Disability?

Permanent partial disability occurs when a person is unable to fully heal and medical experts determine the claimant will experience permanent health complications. Although they are able to return to work and even to full duty, they would still qualify for disability benefits.

There are some states that only pay permanent partial disability benefits if there is demonstrated wage loss. Maryland is not one of those. In Maryland, they can go back to their regular job but if they have some impairment from the work injury, they would get compensation for their injuries.

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Earning payment for disability in workers’ compensation cases in Maryland is a vital component of being made whole following a work-related accident. This money could help ensure that the victim does not succumb to the financial pressure of having to heal from these injuries as well as the stress and pain of having to force themselves to work through their injury.

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