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Nearly everyone has used a ladder to reach an object before, and in many industries, they are an indispensable tool. Without ladders, objects at great heights may remain unreachable for most workers. Unfortunately, as with most work equipment, ladders can be dangerous if they are used improperly or irresponsibly.

If you were injured in a ladder accident at work, you may be able to hold the party responsible for your injury liable in civil court. The compensation you may be entitled to can be used to pay for your injuries and living expenses, especially if you are unable to work and support your family financially.

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Important Ladder Accident Statistics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2011, nearly 43% of deadly falls from high places involve ladders. Other troubling CDC ladder statistics include:

  • 81% of falls in the construction industry involve ladders.
  • In the early 2010s, there were nearly 113 ladder fatalities each year beginning in 2011 (most were work-related).
  • An estimated 34,000 nonfatal fall accidents involved ladders.

In 2011, the CDC officially stated ladder falls were a significant public health burden and a leading cause of preventable injury among workers. To combat ladder injuries, OSHA now requires employers to encourage their workers to take ladder safety seriously.

How Can Employers Prevent Ladder Accidents?

Employers can take reasonable measures to prevent ladder accidents in the workplace. Such measures may seem simple, but they can save the lives of workers. Employers can do the following to prevent ladder accidents and injuries on a regular basis:

  • Encourage employees to use aerial lifts instead of ladders when possible
  • Provide safety equipment such as harnesses and helmets to employees
  • Ensure employees know how to properly and safely use a ladder
  • Only allow the use of ladders in safe locations with level surfaces
  • Require workers to report any incidents and injuries involving ladders

Such measures are easy to implement, and if an employer does not take them, they will unknowingly place their employees in danger. If they do, they should be held accountable by a Maryland ladder falls injuries lawyer for their inaction and carelessness.

Holding Ladder Manufacturers Liable

When a person is injured due to a defective ladder, they will more than likely be unable to hold their employer responsible, even if the ladder occurred at work. Fortunately, they may still be able to hold the manufacturer of the ladder liable for their carelessness.

Before a company releases their product on the market, they should examine the product and its design to ensure it is safe to use. Each product should also be inspected to ensure it is free of flaws that could compromise the safety of a user.

Faulty ladders pose a huge threat to workers, especially in the construction industries. When an employee falls from a great height, they can sustain injuries such as broken bones, brain trauma, spinal cord damage, internal organ damage, and permanent bruises.

Many of these injuries are painful and expensive to treat, and without compensation, an injured person can be stuck paying for their own medical bills and living expenses.

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