Why Maryland Workers Should Not Under Report Injuries

One of the most common reasons why Maryland workers should not under report injuries is because of the damage these mistakes cause later when they try to recover their benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to address only the injuries reported—nothing more. Should a worker elect to under report, they could be barred from recovering future, needed compensation.

Let an attorney help you report the injuries you have while protecting your right to work.

How Often Workers’ Try to Deal with Their Injuries Alone

People frequently try to deal with their injuries instead of filing for workers’ compensation. People do not go to lawyers, and this is often because they believe that to file a WC claim would mean suing their employer. They are not suing. This is not a lawsuit. They are simply filing a claim for the benefits they are legally entitled to.

Most insurance adjusters are glad when a lawyer becomes involved because the case goes more smoothly and efficiently. Even if it costs them more, most of them go into that profession to help people. Very few insurance adjusters actively try to hurt people. Most are trying to do a good job, and that best happens when the person has a lawyer.

How Underreporting Injuries Could Hurt a Claim

Underreporting a person’s injuries can completely hinder the success of their workers’ compensation claim. If the injured party does not give a complete statement to their employer and their doctor about the problems they are having, their issues are not documented. If the injuries are not documented, the individual is unable to get treatment for them. If they cannot get treatment for their injuries, they may not get better. If they are unable to get the treatment and they are not documented, their lawyer cannot get them money at the end of the case in disability benefits. Underreporting is a serious problem.

Why People Sometimes Underreport Their Injuries

A person may underreport the severity of their injuries because they do not want to get fired. Assuming that someone loves their job and their career, and wants to keep their career or has a certain licensure or certification that requires a physical ability or they have a CDL, as soon as they say, “I cannot do X,” and “X” is required to keep their license or certifications, they may lose something they spent time, effort, and money to get.

They lost something that has value to them financially and emotionally, so they do not want to tell people how badly injured they are. If they need to keep supporting their family and they want to keep that job, they are going to underreport their injuries.

Underreporting makes sense, and sometimes hurts people because as much as they might want to continue functioning, some injuries are serious enough that they have no choice. They cannot suck it up and move on. When that happens if they were not clear about reporting their injuries, it is hard to make things better. It is difficult for the attorney to catch up.

Learn Why Maryland Workers Should Never Under Report Injuries

Often, injured workers believe that if they report their accident to their supervisor, they may actually cause friction or lose out on employment opportunities. This is simply not true. In fact, because it is not true s why Maryland workers should not underreport their injuries. Doing so would in fact impeded any future recovery efforts. Instead of underreporting, choose to work with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Call today for an initial consultation.