Rockville Truck Accident Lawyer

Tractor-trailers and box trucks are common sights on the Beltway around the nation’s capital, as well as on I-270 and the various state routes that pass through Rockville. Unfortunately, with so many massive commercial vehicles on Maryland’s roads, there is an ever-present risk that a truck driver or something affiliated with a trucking company will engage in negligent behavior and put everyone around that truck at risk of serious harm.

If you were caught up recently in a motor vehicle collision involving any kind of commercial truck, speaking with a Rockville truck accident lawyer could be crucial to preserving your future financial security. Injuries sustained in incidents like this can be expensive to treat and may result in numerous long-term consequences, so seeking fair financial recovery with a seasoned personal injury attorney’s assistance may be your only means of ensuring you do not bear the costs of losses you did nothing to cause.

Establishing Fault for a Commercial Truck Crash

Just like commuter car drivers, professional truckers have an implicit legal “duty” to act reasonably while behind the wheel. Fulfilling this duty in practice requires not only adherence to state-level traffic regulations and federal rules for commercial trucking operations, but also general awareness of one’s surroundings and the prioritization of the safety of others. Put simply, truck drivers are expected to react as a responsible person would to any circumstances they encounter on the road, and any failure to do so could constitute legally actionable negligence if it directly leads to a crash.

Importantly, though, individual truck drivers are not the only parties who could conceivably bear fault for a truck crash. For example, the companies that employ these drivers and/or own the trucks they drive have a “duty of care” of their own, and an employer who forces their employees to violate state or federal laws to maximize profit has violated that duty.

In the same vein, mechanics have an obligation to perform their jobs diligently and do their best to keep commercial trucks roadworthy, and third-party suppliers may be expected to load trucks safely and ensure cargo is properly secured prior to transit. A Rockville truck accident attorney could provide irreplaceable assistance with identifying which party or parties may be at fault for a particular incident and with taking appropriate legal action against them.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable?

Even when they occur at low speeds, auto accidents involving commercial trucks tend to have much more severe consequences than comparable wrecks involving only commuter cars, since commercial trucks are so much heavier and larger than virtually any other street-legal vehicle. Fortunately, a truck accident victim who can prove someone else was to blame for their injuries can demand compensation for every past and future consequences of those injuries, including:

  • Emergency medical bills
  • Costs of future medical care, including physical therapy, assistive medical equipment, and prescription medications
  • Car repair/replacement expenses
  • Lost wages and/or future earning capacity
  • Physical pain from injuries
  • Emotional and psychological trauma
  • Lost enjoyment of life

A truck wreck lawyer in Rockville could discuss in detail what damages could be factored into a specific claim during a private initial consultation.

Get in Touch with a Rockville Truck Accident Attorney Today

Accidents involving commercial trucks happen virtually every day in Maryland, and there is unfortunately no way to prepare in advance for the lasting impacts such a wreck could have on your life. If you do end up hurt because of a truck driver’s negligence, though, you could have grounds to hold them or their employer liable for substantial compensation.

A knowledgeable Rockville truck accident lawyer could offer the support and guidance you might need to effectively enforce your right to recovery. Call today to learn more.