Rockville Premises Liability Lawyer

Whether you are stepping out to do some shopping, visiting a friend’s house or apartment, or enjoying nice weather in an outdoor space, any visit to someone else’s property brings some degree of risk with it. If a property owner does not take appropriate care of their land, their negligence could result in a lawful visitor sustaining an avoidable injury, potentially causing substantial financial and personal losses.

If you believe your injury would not have happened but for the unreasonably dangerous conditions on another person’s property, speaking with a Rockville premises liability lawyer about a possible civil claim might be wise. Depending on the circumstances, a qualified personal injury attorney could potentially help you seek financial recovery not only for economic consequences of your injuries, but also for non-economic forms of harm you have experienced due to a property owner’s misconduct.

What Levels of Care Do Property Owners Owe Visitors?

In broad terms, civil cases governed by premises liability law work similarly to other types of personal injury claims. If a property owner violates a duty of care owed to someone on their land, that owner could bear financial liability for any harm that person sustains as a direct result of their reckless or careless actions. Importantly, though, the specific “duty” that property owners owe to visitors changes substantially depending on each particular visitor’s reason for being on that property.

Property owners in Maryland owe “ordinary and reasonable care” to invitees, which are visitors on their property for commercial purposes like shoppers in a store. If an invitee gets hurt because a property owner unreasonably failed to inspect their property for hazards and either address a known hazard or warn visitors about it, that property owner could be legally liable for the invitee’s ensuing damages.

For “licensees,” or visitors on land for personal reasons such as houseguests, property owners must provide reasonable care by acting promptly to address hazards they become aware of. Finally, as a Rockville property liability attorney could further explain, property owners generally owe no duty of care to people trespassing on their property without permission or authority to be there, so long as they do not intentionally try to cause harm to potential or known trespassers.

Recoverable Damages through a Successful Claim

If an injured individual can prove their injuries stemmed directly from a property owner’s failure to fulfill an applicable duty of care, that injured person could hold the property owner accountable for every loss those injuries directly result in. Comprehensive claims may include losses with objective financial values like medical bills and lost work income, as well as subjective personal losses like physical pain and psychological trauma.

However, Maryland Code, Courts and Judicial Proceedings §3-2A-09 sets a cap on non-economic recovery that changes every year, and MD Code, C&JP §5-101 limits almost all civil plaintiffs to just three years after their cause of action accrues—in other words, after their injuries actually happen—in which to file suit. In light of that, retaining a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer can be all but essential to achieving a positive result with a premises liability claim in Rockville.

Discuss Legal Options with a Rockville Premises Liability Attorney

The path towards civil recovery can be especially difficult to follow alone if your injuries stem specifically from a property owner’s negligence. Various unique rules and legal precedents apply to these sorts of cases, and without guidance from a legal professional who has handled similar claims successfully in the past, you could have very slim odds of getting the financial recovery you need.

A Rockville premises liability lawyer’s assistance could be key to preserving your rights and protecting your best interests. Call today to learn more.