Rockville Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Especially in recent years, bicycling has become an increasingly popular way for Rockville residents to run errands, get some exercise, or simply travel short distances. Unfortunately, many bicyclists in the area have to share space with motor vehicle operators while riding, which puts them at severe risk of injury if any other driver around them fails to act reasonably under the circumstances.

After getting hurt in a bike wreck caused by someone else’s negligence, you may have many questions about your legal rights and how a personal injury attorney could help you enforce them. Once retained, a Rockville bicycle accident lawyer could guide you through every step of your settlement negotiations or civil lawsuit, working tenaciously on your behalf to get you the financial recovery you deserve.

Who Could Be Liable for Bike Crash Injuries?

The person or entity who could be legally liable for injuries caused by a bicycle accident can vary significantly depending on what led to the accident in question happening. In many situations, the at-fault party is a motor vehicle operator who violated a traffic law, failed to watch for other vehicles and people nearby, or otherwise acted irresponsibly behind the wheel, and in doing so directly caused a bicyclist to get hurt in a collision.

However, if a bicyclist loses control of their bike and suffers an injury because of subpar sidewalk or bike lane conditions, the party to blame for their injuries may be a local or state-level government entity responsible for constructing and maintaining public surfaces, or a private business owner who failed to maintain their own property in a way that preserves the safety of lawful visitors. A knowledgeable Rockville bicycle accident attorney could be a crucial resource when it comes to identifying who could bear liability for a bike wreck and taking legal action accordingly.

Potential Obstacles to Civil Recovery

Unfortunately for bicycle crash victims in Rockville, Maryland state courts take an especially harsh approach to plaintiff liability in personal injury claims. Under Maryland’s “pure contributory fault” system, an injured person who bears any amount of fault at all for their own injuries—even if someone else bears a majority of the total fault for them—is ineligible to recover any compensation whatsoever.

Additionally, Maryland Code, Courts and Judicial Proceedings §3-2A-09 sets a “cap,” or limit, on financial recovery for non-economic damages stemming from personal injuries, such as lost enjoyment of life and physical discomfort. For cases arising between October 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021, the applicable cap is $890,000 per individual plaintiff. The cap for cases arising after October 1, 2021 is $905,000, with additional increases of $15,000 scheduled to occur every year on that date.

Finally, MD Code, C&JP §5-101 sets a statutory filing deadline of three years for almost all personal injury claims, meaning that bicycle accident victims generally have three years at most after they first sustain an injury to start pursuing litigation. Guidance from a bicycle wreck lawyer in Rockville can be absolutely essential to understanding and mitigating the impact of these potential legal obstacles.

Consider Working with a Rockville Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycle accidents cause hundreds of injuries that lead to thousands of dollars in individual losses every single year in Maryland, and many of those accidents could have been avoidable were it not for the negligent conduct of just one person involved. Fortunately, if you can prove through civil litigation that someone else was responsible for causing your bike wreck, you could hold that individual financially accountable for every form of harm you experienced due to their actions.

A qualified Rockville bicycle accident lawyer could serve as a steadfast ally and source of legal expertise from start to finish of your case. Schedule your initial consultation today.