Rockville Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

When a motor vehicle collides into a pedestrian, the risk of serious injury is tremendous because people on foot generally have very little protection from a heavy automobile. When these accidents happen, a motorist could face liability for any injuries they cause.

If you were hurt by a car while walking, a Rockville pedestrian accident lawyer could help you hold the driver accountable for their negligence. Putting your case in the hands of a skilled personal injury attorney could boost your chances of recovering sufficient monetary compensation for your wounds.

Common Injuries Sustained in Pedestrian Accidents

There is a wide range of common injuries associated with pedestrian collisions. The trauma that comes with these accidents usually severe, given how vulnerable pedestrians are compared to motor vehicle drivers. Some of the most common wounds sustained in these crashes include but are not limited to:

  • Skull fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Lacerations
  • Sprains and strains
  • Paralysis
  • Wrongful death

Any of these injuries could have a substantial impact on a plaintiff’s quality of life. Fortunately, a skilled attorney in Rockville could assess the full extent of a wounded pedestrian’s physical setbacks and factor them into a compelling accident claim.

Who Might Face Liability after a Pedestrian Crash?

When vehicles and pedestrians collide, the motorist is not automatically responsible for any injuries that occur. Instead, a wounded pedestrian must demonstrate the driver’s reckless actions caused the accident. Without proof of negligence, an injured walker cannot collect financial compensation.

Transparently establishing that the motorist acted carelessly requires four steps. The failure to establish even one of these aspects will jeopardize a plaintiff’s pedestrian accident claim.

The first step of proving negligence in these cases starts with acknowledging and establishing the motorists’ duty of care to the pedestrian, otherwise known as the driver’s duty to operate their vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. Second, a plaintiff must reveal that a driver breached this duty of care.  This becomes possible, for instance, if a motorist struck someone walking on a sidewalk or crosswalk.

Third, a claimant must demonstrate that their injuries are directly related to the collision. A pedestrian cannot seek compensation for wounds that are unrelated to their accident.

The final step of the proceedings involves determining the extent of financial compensation that a plaintiff deserves. A resourceful lawyer in Rockville could help an injured pedestrian navigate all steps of the accident claims process and maximize their monetary damages.

Are Pedestrian Crash Cases Subject to Time Limits?

There is a deadline that governs every pedestrian accident. Referred to as the statute of limitations, this window prevents a plaintiff from pursuing a lawsuit after an unreasonable amount of time passes.

The statute of limitations gives local plaintiffs three years to file a pedestrian accident claim, beginning the day of the collision. Therefore, acting quickly is important. Seeking legal representation immediately following a collision could give a proactive Rockville attorney more time to analyze the accident and file a pedestrian injury claim.

Talk to a Rockville Pedestrian Accident Attorney Right Away

Pedestrian accidents might be less common than motor vehicle accidents, but the resulting injuries are usually more severe. For many people, these wounds could permanently alter the course of their life.

Before you move forward with litigation on your own, consider discussing your options with a Rockville pedestrian accident lawyer. Call today to learn more and get started on your case.