Rockville Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Each time a pharmaceutical company releases a new drug into the market, they promise consumers that these drugs are safe when used as directed. This promise means that consumers should be able to take them without worrying about dangerous side effects or unexpected reactions.

Unfortunately, not every drug company keeps that promise. Some drugs released to the public are unreasonably dangerous. If the drug causes undisclosed side effects, a motivated personal injury attorney could help you file a claim. It could be possible to recover financial compensation in these cases with the help of a Rockville dangerous drugs lawyer.

Common Types of Dangerous Drug Defects

Typically, a dangerous drugs lawsuit is based on a reaction to defective medication. This medication could be issued by prescription or available over the counter. An experienced lawyer in Rockville could help hold the pharmaceutical company responsible for the hazardous medication they put on the market.

Design Defects

Certain drugs are inherently flawed. These drugs are unreasonably dangerous, even when manufactured exactly as designed. This type of defect is possible due to the lack of appropriate testing before a drug is released to the public.

Manufacturing Defects

Appropriate designs will not guarantee a drug that is free from defects. This is because many defects occur during the manufacturing process. These defects could occur at any point from their creation to the moment they are purchased by a consumer.

Marketing Defects

An important aspect of dangerous drug cases is whether a patient took the medication as intended. A marketing defect interferes with a consumer’s ability to do so. These defects take different forms. Some marketing defects involve the failure to include instructions with a medication. Others involve the lack of warnings or labels regarding harmful side effects.

Strict Liability for Hazardous Drug Claims in Rockville

Drug manufacturers are held to a different standard compared to other personal injury defendants. Instead of pursuing a negligence claim, a plaintiff could instead rely on something known as strict liability. Under strict liability, it could be possible to obtain financial compensation by proving that a dangerous drug was responsible for their injury or illness. A well-versed attorney could explain how strict liability might affect compensation in a hazardous medicine claim.

Common Compensation for a Dangerous Drugs Lawsuit

Significant physical, emotional, and financial hardships can come with an adverse reaction to a dangerous drug. Many people face significant medical consequences from their reaction to a dangerous drug for the rest of their life. With the help of a skilled Rockville lawyer, a consumer could pursue financial compensation for their negative reaction to a dangerous drug.

Possible available damages include:

  • Lost wages
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering

It can be difficult to pinpoint the harm caused by an unsafe medicine. Often, the symptoms and side effects that come with these reactions could mirror other medical conditions. A competent attorney in Rockville could find medical experts to make the case that these symptoms resulted from a dangerous drug reaction. This could allow a consumer to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Contact a Rockville Dangerous Drugs Attorney as Soon as Possible

Moving ahead with your case quickly is vital to securing the compensation you deserve.

The thought of a legal battle with a pharmaceutical company might seem overwhelming. Call today to learn how a Rockville dangerous drugs lawyer could help you hold them accountable.