Rockville Bus Accident Lawyer

As operators of “common carriers,” bus drivers and the organizations that employ them have an enhanced responsibility to avoid injuring anyone else through their own reckless or careless behavior. Fortunately, most people in the transportation industry fulfill this duty of care without any issues. Unfortunately, those who do not cause extensive physical, financial, and personal harm to thousands of passengers and passers-by every year.

After a collision with a commercial or private bus, an accident onboard one, or any other situation resulting in injury that stems from a bus driver or operating entity’s misconduct, having a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer’s help could be crucial to protecting your best interests. Once retained, a seasoned Rockville bus accident lawyer could provide the custom-tailored guidance you may need to effectively demand the recovery you deserve.

Filing Suit against a Local or State Government Entity

Several unique rules and restrictions apply to personal injury claims filed against government authorities in Maryland, including those based on accidents involving public buses. Most notably, anyone who wants to sue a local or state government entity over its own negligence or that of its employee(s) must submit written notice to that entity of their intent to file suit within one year of the accident their claim would be based on. This report must also include basic information about the incident in question, as well as specific injuries and damages the plaintiff intends to seek restitution for.

In addition, public bus accident victims in Rockville and throughout Maryland are subject to an especially harsh cap on how much money they can recover for their crash-related losses. As of 2015, no individual accident victim may recover more than $400,000 of compensation in total, and no government agency may bear liability for more than $800,000 of total damages stemming from a single accident. A qualified Rockville bus accident attorney could explain these rules in more detail and offer guidance about navigating around them during a private consultation.

Damage Caps and Deadlines for Private Bus Accident Claims

Individuals who get hurt in wrecks involving commercial buses have more leeway under state law when it comes to pursuing financial restitution, but there are still several important regulations that prospective plaintiffs should be aware of. As it is for most other personal injury claims, the applicable statutory filing deadline for most commercial bus wreck cases is three years after the date of injury, as per Maryland Code, Courts & Judicial Proceedings §5-101.

Damage caps also apply to cases against private bus companies, but they only restrict recovery for non-economic damages. For any case filed after October 1, 2021, the non-economic damage cap is $905,000 in accordance with MD Code, C&JP §3-2A-09. Additional compensation may be recoverable in situations where a bus crash causes ultimately fatal injuries, as a bus wreck lawyer in Rockville could affirm.

Seek Help from a Rockville Bus Accident Attorney

Hundreds of commercial and private buses travel to, from, and through Rockville on a monthly basis, carrying thousands of people to destinations all across the East Coast. If any one of those trips ends in an accident because of negligence by the bus driver or the entity that employs them, anyone injured as a direct result could have grounds to pursue substantial financial compensation—but only if they follow the various state laws governing claims of this nature.

Representation from a Rockville bus accident lawyer could make all the difference in your prospects of a successful case outcome that gets you much-needed restitution. Call today to learn more.